How Can I Tell If Electricity Is still Active in an Outdoor Flood Light Fixture?

** Important Caveat: Make sure to practice on a known live outlet until you understand how it works!! You do not want to ever put complete trust in this device particularly when its new. Assuming that you detect power have a 2nd person start flipping the breakers off until the tester stops beeping. If you do see power at the fixture then the obvious problem is a loose (or disconnected) Neutral (or white wire) which is probably in the box that the light is attached to.

How Can I Tell If Electricity Is still Active in an Outdoor Flood Light Fixture? 1

1. Was there rain before the flood, was there light in the beginning without the sun?

God said "Let ther be light." and there was light. Later, He put the sun and the stars in the sky

2. I can never seen to get our INTERIOR of the garage bright enough to work in. Can I use a flood light bulb in..?

There are several types of bulbs that you can use. Yes you can use a floodlight bulb, although that may not be your best choice. A good florescent light works very well, but more than this, a good fresh coat of white, semi-gloss paint will reflect the light far better and make it much easier to see in there.

How Can I Tell If Electricity Is still Active in an Outdoor Flood Light Fixture? 2

3. I need to have a flood light moved from the front of the house... do I hire a contractor or electrician?

An electrical contractor should be able to take care of everything you need

4. Would 3 75 watt flood light bulbs be Enough for growing Tomatoes indoors?

yes if you find a grow lamp! The regular lamp will not work! MH 250W do excellent job, if you can take the outside glass of will make more UV will help your plan grow faster! Very careful, you can get sun burn! Good luck with your plants !

5. CFL flood light connect through extension cord?

Lic got it right. Extension cords are for temporary uses. I've run into homes that have used them as a permanent solution and it usually never turns out good. Electricity is our friend if used and installed correctly. If not it can cause fires, or worse. Respect it.

6. The new flourescent spiral flood light bulbs are good for indoor growing?

I would agree with Alterra. Lumens are not the only consideration for growing. Check out your local lighting store


My electric utility provider has a wonderful cost estimator on its website that tells you what it costs per kilowatt hour to run lights, appliances, HVAC down to electric blankets and night lights. And, they just put out a handy little guide called, "Your Energy Costs: A Room by Room Guide" that tells you about the same thing, but you can keep it handy when you are deciding to run an electric gadget. You should see whether your electric company has either because it matters how they tier their rates and what they charge per kilowatt hour. We just had a smart meter installed which means they will no longer tier our rates by how much over our baseline allowance we go by percentage of useage. Rather, we will be tiered by the time of day we use the power with 7AM-7PM being the highest charge per kilowatt hour. See how your utility charges you. For us, an outdoor motion sensor light set to activate from dusk to dawn will cost much less that the exact same type of flood light in the house used during the daytime hours. For example, a 150 watt outdoor security light used dusk to dawn is 2 cents an hour, but that same light inside is 5 cents an hour used during the day. My solar lights will stay on all night IF they were charged on a sunny day which most are here in SoCal for most of the year. But, during the daylight savings time, most of the time they do not get charged enough on cloudy days to stay on all night. Depending on how old and the size the fridge is, the costs to operate vary widely. If it is an older model, it can cost up to $18.62 per month to operate according to my handy little booklet. If it is energy star rated and less than 3 years old, it runs $6.35-$13.97 per month depending on whether you are a low or high useage household. They define a high useage household as someone who goes over their baseline allottment (which you do by using more power from 7AM-7PM). Ah, by now you are thinking about how complicated this all is. They make it that way on purpose LOL! They want you to be confused, they do not want you to exactly understand how they are charging you because they are in business to make money not to save your money!

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