I Replaced My Bathroom Flood Light with a Standard Bulb but now the Fan Comes on and Off by Itself I

=== you have twisted some wires and that has caused a short == you must get this fixed NOW as it can start a fire .... no joke .... remove the standard light bulb and see if that fixture is the cause of the fan comes on and off by itsaself=short ... I would bet that is why you had a burned out flood lite ==.

I Replaced My Bathroom Flood Light with a Standard Bulb but now the Fan Comes on and Off by Itself I 1

1. is a sylvania 120v br38 economy flood light good for growing plants?

Please do not ask questions about illegal drugs here at yahoo. Thank you

2. Using an outdoor flood light inside?

No problem, just do not let flammable materials rest against it. It is just an incandescent bulb, but quite bright so lots of watts which translates into heat

I Replaced My Bathroom Flood Light with a Standard Bulb but now the Fan Comes on and Off by Itself I 2

3. Are there people who believe that before the flood light passing through raindrops did not make a rainbow?

Some people actually believe that before the flood, it never rained. That's why rain and rainbows were so "new"

4. What wattage of a T-Rex Light & Hallogen Flood light, do Baby Bearded Dragons require?

relies upon on which gentle we are speaking approximately. the warmth lamp wattage relies upon on the air temp and that is distance from the basking spot and the different warmth substances interior the tank. in many circumstances in chilly climates you would be wanting a night warmth lamp, or another warmth source on the tank to boot. the suitable advice is to place maximum or each and every of the warmth substances at one end of the tank so as that the animal can pick his temperature via shifting nearer or remote from the warmth. As you would be able to understand, you besides mght could have a fluorescent reptile/sunlight hours bulb for some supplemental UV gentle. many makers declare that their universal incandescent bulb produces UV gentle, despite the fact that it is so vulnerable and not the entire spectrum of UV it extremely is needed. to boot some nutrition manufacturers have products that they declare make the UV gentle pointless; returned this seems to be producer hype, and maximum breeders and expert keepers would have fluorescent sunlight hours/growlux or between the extremely professional reptile bulbs. examine with human beings for the dimensions needed, yet i think of that is purely a pair hours at maximum and probably much less, according to day. those 2 issues, plus appropriate supplementation with supplements and minerals, seem the main in many circumstances happening variations between fulfillment with reptiles, and failure.

5. Whats wrong with my security flood light on my house?

I think you should return the fixture after you check the wiring.I've never seen or heard of one that turns on slowly. Unless it's a new model that does not want to startle any intruders to badly? Good Luck.

6. Will Marijuana Grow Under A Normal Flood Light?

a minimum of about 20-30 w.in accordance to sq. foot will be adequate for the vegetative section and 30 to 40 w.in accordance to sq. foot or more suitable is suggested for optimal yields and complete of lifestyles enhance in the time of flowering

7. I had a CFL light to hit the floor and shatter. It was a flood light with glass around the actual spiral cfl.?

Mercury is used in the fluorescent part to increase conductivity, if its still intact you should be okay, also It really not that much mercury

8. CFL flood light connect through extension cord?

Lic got it right. Extension cords are for temporary uses. I've run into homes that have used them as a permanent solution and it usually never turns out good. Electricity is our friend if used and installed correctly. If not it can cause fires, or worse. Respect it.

9. The new flourescent spiral flood light bulbs are good for indoor growing?

the relatively some new bulbs are extra eco friendly, yet besides, back on your problem. Take a humid fabric and clean the section to confirm that's clean and all the dirt is long gone. Then i could replace the bag interior the vacuum and throw the old one away. in case you had carpets interior the room, it does no longer be a foul theory to have them wiped clean or in case you have between the residential carpet shampooers then use it. Off the problem, yet those carpet shampooers are with regard to the main sensible gadget they have going. they are super, and that i strongly recommend getting one. in case you spill something, or you have a puppy, or injury a fluorescent mild bulb, then freshen up is not any problem

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