Solar Street Light for Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings

In the past, solar street lights were installed only in large cities but this year, the world has become more accessible. People can now use solar street lights themselves and decide to install them on their own.

Solar Street Light for Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings 1

A smart street light will put out the right amount of light according to the city’s street lighting requirements. In addition, it will also be able to adjust itself automatically according to the time of day and season. This means that it will not need constant maintenance or replacement for a long time.

A new invention that is transforming the landscape of the country. The Solar Street Light is a piece of technology that converts sunlight into electricity by using solar panels. It is also one of the most popular devices in business establishments around the world.

The solar street lights, the most efficient street lighting systems in the world, are showing signs of ageing. The lighting system has already reached its limit of life expectancy. It is estimated that once the LED technology becomes more widely available they will be replaced by traditional incandescent lamps - and with them go some of the world’s deepest pockets. The lack of investment in replacing old equipment could create a huge profit opportunity for new makers to take advantage of this market.

There are a lot of people who prefer to use solar street lights instead of conventional ones. They have a lot of advantages and disadvantages.

Solar Street Light for Residential, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings 2

The Lighting& Power Issue

Solar Street Light Innovations

Solar street lights are a good solution for cities that face the problem of power shortage. They are also good solutions for people who live in areas without power supply.

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Solar street lights are an important part of our infrastructure. They can be used for electric vehicles charging, solar energy or as pedestrian safety indicator.

The integration of AI into the design industry is not new and in fact, we have seen this happening since several years ago. However, there hasn't been any major breakthrough in this domain for a long time. Until now.

Solar Street Lights are an efficient alternative to traditional lighting systems. They can be installed in any situation and at any height- they do not have to be pointed up as much as traditional street lights. They protect the environment from harmful UV rays, and reduce pollution caused by polluting emissions.

Solar street lights are an important part of the urban environment. They provide electricity to lighting and communication systems in the city. It is important to keep them up-to-date and provide clean energy to the people, who need it most.

In a world where there is so much light around us, the street lights are of no use. They need to be replaced with bright solar street lights that can provide light and electricity to people living in remote areas.

Solar street lights are very useful in a city or a rural area. However, they are not that useful in the desert and other areas. In these areas it is not so easy to find a power source since most of the time you need to travel long distances over rough terrain.

This makes solar street light an attractive option for cities looking for energy solutions.

Solar street lights are used in many countries e.g. the Netherlands and Germany. In these countries, the street lighting is provided by big solar panels that are powered by a local power plant.

We should use LED street lights to improve the solar energy conversion efficiency and make it more cost effective. We can also use LED street lights for night time security.

The solar street lights are an important part of the urban landscape. They help save energy and decrease carbon emissions. But they are not always as durable as they should be, which makes them inefficient.

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Overall design of grid connected photovoltaic power generation system
Overall design of grid connected photovoltaic power generation system
Le système de production d'énergie photovoltaïque connecté au réseau convertit la sortie CC du réseau de cellules solaires en courant alternatif avec la même amplitude, la même fréquence et la même phase que la tension du réseau, et réalise la connexion avec le réseau pour transmettre l'énergie électrique au réseau. Le bloc-batterie peut améliorer la fiabilité de l'alimentation du système. Production d'énergie photovoltaïque sous un fort ensoleillement Le système répond d'abord à la consommation d'énergie de la charge CA, puis envoie la puissance excédentaire au réseau électrique; Lorsque la lumière du soleil est insuffisante et que le réseau de cellules solaires ne peut pas fournir suffisamment d'énergie pour la charge, il peut être obtenu à partir du réseau électrique ou de la batterie pour alimenter la charge. Bien sûr, si le coût est pris en compte, la batterie ne peut pas être connectée. Lorsque la lumière est insuffisante, il peut directement demander au réseau électrique une alimentation électrique pour la charge. Par rapport au système indépendant, le système de production d'énergie CA connecté au réseau élimine les équipements de stockage d'énergie.    Il existe également un système de production d'énergie hybride étendu connecté au réseau. Le type hybride est entre le type connecté à la grille et le type indépendant. Ce système est généralement intégré avec le contrôleur et l'onduleur. La puce d'ordinateur peut être utilisée pour contrôler l'ensemble du système afin d'obtenir le meilleur état de fonctionnement. La figure 32 montre le système de production d'énergie photovoltaïque hybride. La différence entre celui-ci et les deux systèmes ci-dessus est qu'il existe un groupe électrogène de secours supplémentaire. Lorsque la production d'énergie du réseau photovoltaïque est insuffisante ou que la batterie de stockage est insuffisante, le groupe électrogène de secours peut être démarré. Il peut non seulement alimenter directement la charge CA, mais aussi charger la batterie à travers le redresseur. Le système de production d'énergie photovoltaïque hybride est principalement utilisé pour la combinaison de champs électriques éloignés du réseau électrique et pour assurer la continuité de l'alimentation électrique, tels que les hôpitaux de campagne, les stations d'investigation scientifique, etc. Une fois qu'il y a une lumière insuffisante ou un temps pluvieux, la cellule solaire ne peut pas fonctionner et la puissance stockée par la batterie ne peut pas répondre aux besoins, le groupe électrogène remplacera la cellule solaire pour alimenter le système. Différents niveaux de tensions connectées au réseau photovoltaïque sont différents. Par exemple, les centrales photovoltaïques connectées au réseau au-dessus du niveau MWP doivent généralement être connectées au réseau électrique public au-dessus de 10kV, et les autres conceptions sont à peu près les mêmes. Le module photovoltaïque convertit l'énergie solaire en énergie électrique DC sous l'effet photovoltaïque, peut être utilisé pour Lampadaires solaires Ensuite, il pénètre dans l'onduleur connecté au réseau via l'armoire de distribution de protection contre la foudre, qui l'inverse en CA répondant aux exigences de qualité électrique du réseau électrique, et est connecté au système d'alimentation triphasé de la centrale CA 380V / 150Hz pour le réseau connecté génération de puissance. Pendant la journée, la production d'énergie photovoltaïque alimentera la charge électrique de la station et alimentera le surplus d'énergie au réseau électrique; Lorsque la production d'électricité est insuffisante le soir ou les jours de pluie, le réseau électrique public alimentera la charge électrique de la centrale. Le système de production d'électricité connecté au réseau photovoltaïque est équipé d'un ensemble de dispositifs de surveillance locaux avec interface de communication Ethernet, et l'état de fonctionnement et les données de fonctionnement du système sont fournis au système d'automatisation intégré de la station sans surveillance via l'interface pour réaliser une station de contrôle centralisée à distance surveillance.
Analysis and Prospect of Future Development trend of Solar Street Lamps
Analysis and Prospect of Future Development trend of Solar Street Lamps
  Analysis and Prospect of Future Development trend of Solar Street LampsClean energy is developed as a long-term strategy in the world, so there is a great need for solar energy in the future. Now more and more people know about solar street lamps, because they can often be seen on roads outside, even in rural areas, so solar street lamps have become an inevitable part of urban and rural lighting construction. Solar street lamp is becoming a new development trend, and leading the new development of lighting industry.It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, no wiring, easy installation, automatic control and so on. The main types of solar street lights are: solar pole lights, solar courtyard lights, solar road lights, solar lawn lights, solar landscape lights, solar signal lights.In today's era of rapid development, change is imperative. With regard to the development direction of solar street lights in the future, it will certainly develop in a direction that is more humane, more intelligent and more conducive to human health. The performance-to-price ratio of the product will continue to improve, and the field of application will be more and more extensive.Based on the above analysis, the future solar street lamp industry will mainly focus on the following three breakthroughs and innovative development.   First, it is more energy-saving and the technological content is constantly improving:In order to solve the problem of short service life of solar street lamps, better intelligent control technology and more efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency are needed. Intelligent control technology improves the efficiency of the use of electric energy, and both play a role in protecting the battery. The short service life mainly lies in the improper protection and use of the battery, that is, to control the deep charge and discharge of the battery. The second is to improve the luminous efficiency of the light source, the first way is to use more efficient luminous materials, but there is little room to improve the energy efficiency of LED street lamps. Then it is necessary to make rational use of electric energy through control equipment. Therefore, in this link, the controller is the key. The controller adopts digital control technology, and the same configuration controller can save electricity by 80%, and make rational use of electric energy to effectively protect the battery. The life of their products has also been greatly improved, and their street lamps generally extend their service life by 3-5 times longer than conventional solar street lights.   Second, it is intelligent and integrated with the technology of the Internet of things:In the future, with the development of smart cities, more intelligent technologies will be integrated with street lamps. Street lamps are installed in all streets of the city. At present, solar street lamps are also installed in most villages, which is an excellent carrier of intelligent equipment. With the development of technology, the remote control and self-test functions of street lamps can be realized, and traffic, security, cultural and entertainment equipment can be effectively added into the Internet of things technology, which makes street lamps serve the society more efficiently.Third, integrate more elements with cultural characteristics:The customization of street lamps is a major feature of the industry, but at present, the homogenization of solar street lamps is serious. In order to cope with the floor price bidding, solar street lamps generally have a simple shape, and street lamps with a sense of design copy each other. We can design solar street lamps with national cultural characteristics according to local characteristics. These solar street lights with national characteristics form a good match with the local landscape, architecture and national clothing, integrate in harmony with the environment, highlight the national characteristics, but also play a good lighting effect. Endowed with more artistic flavor and cultural connotation, this customized solar street lamp with humanistic characteristics will be a major trend of future development.
Purpose of Using the All in One Solar Street Light
Purpose of Using the All in One Solar Street Light
The solar street light serves many benefits to the user that gives the compact light solution in the street during the night time. It is becoming more and more important in the street and avoids the accident and other major problems in the road. We are leading manufacturer for providing the all in one solar street light in the street thus saves the power. It is a cost-effective option for the customer to buy this kind of light for the street purpose. It can also use in some home in the present days that reduces the electricity bill and others.We can make this type of light with the quality material that cannot damage the light source. It is designed by the professional team and ready to offer to you at a competitive price. We can maintain a good standard in the industry and required the international certification for our product. It is highly efficient and provides long performance and comes with a clean energy source. You can improve the surrounding environment with the pollution-free and emission-free. It is a wonderful choice for you to contribute to the global environment. It is an environment-friendly option for those who need this light. Benefits of our product:You can avail of more benefits with our product. You can call to our professional for buying this one with us. Once you place the order, they can immediately deliver the item at your doorstep. You cannot worry about how to buy the solar light and we can help you to find the best one suitable for the street. It is easy to install in street and another part. At the time of installation, this one requires the solar panel, LED light, battery, sensor and controller and lot more. You can buy these things for the solar light installation with us.This one saves the money and improves the performance of the light in a simple way. The market is flooded with different kinds of a manufacturer in this industry. You can pick the right one for your need and they produce the quality item to you as you need. Demand of the solar street light is increased day by day and produces the good result to you after using this. We can also directly install it in your home and street. It is the best way to improve the security in a perfect manner without any hassleFinding the illuminance from a triangular light sourceTriangles are as a general rule really bad for yielding an analytical solution upon integration over them - far moreso than might be supposed on the basis of just casting the matter in one's mind. It's kind of like that infinite grid of resistors problem in electrical engineering: you start off "could you not just ... but what if we ... surely if we set ... " and then it starts to dawn on you just how hard it is!.How can I avoid star effect on light sources on long exposure photos?You can make a physical mask with a circular hole much like people use to make the "shaped bokeh." This just becomes a larger pinhole camera.Challenge becomes how to make a nicely round hole in a fairly sturdy material. Consider using aluminum foil pierced with a pin or other small deviceWhat would a hollow sphere, with a mirrored interior wall, completely empty, apart from a subtle light source, reflect and look like? What does nothing look like?Good question - do not know. To work it out remember mirrors are equipotential surfaces and there should be an analytical solution for a sphere.Failing that use ray-tracingHelp! How can I quickly get rid of an annoying mosquito in my bedroom?Tell him to go home.(lol) Turn off all the light in your room and go into the hall or bath, turn on the light there.He will follow yor scent and the light source. When he arrives, BLAM!!! End of problem. Sleep.tight (and do not let the bed bugs bite)Observed speed of a receding light sourceIt all depends on what the meaning of the word "appear" is.In about eight years, you will see the ship land, and you will say "Ah. I see the ship landing at a place four light years away, so it must have landed four years ago". Does "appear" refer to what you see, or to the meaning you attribute to what you see after you've made the necessary corrections? If the first, the ship appears to land in eight years. If the second, it appears to land in four.An analogy: Suppose I stand really really far away from you. Would you say that I "appear" to have shrunk to half my height? By one meaning of the word "appear", the answer is clearly yes. By another, no, I do not appear to have shrunk, I just appear to be really far away, but to still be six feet tall
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Solar Street Light
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Solar Street Light
Is electricity understood well enough in Eberron to produce current and simple electrical devices?You are operating under a misconception: lightning and electricity in Eberron (and most D&D worlds) does not work like it does in reality. This is to some degree just simplification; it would not be fun to have to pull out Maxwell's equations every time an electrical attack happened. But this simplification does have some rather important side-effects.A prime example of this would be a character in full plate mail getting struck by lightning. In the real world, the fellow struck by lightning is completely protected thanks to his Faraday-cage / full plate armor. In D&D, the character is damaged (barring electrical resistances, immunities and other such effects). Another example is the lightning bolt spell itself. In 5e, for example, the spell produces a bolt of lightning five-feet across and 100-ft long. In the real world, if we produced enough voltage to cross a 100-ft long span of air, the bolt would ground itself out because the path of least resistance will be the 5-foot span directly downward. There are reasons stun batons have to basically make skin contact, and tasers have wires to direct the flow of electricity. Since electricity demonstrably behaves differently in Eberron than in reality, you should not expect electrical engineering solutions to work in Eberron either.This doesn't mean there aren't solutions in Eberron that would work even when hit by Dispel Magic, however. We had lanterns and torches long before we harnessed electricity, and cannon wicks have been around since the invention of the cannon------What are some of the startups in the field of smart energy and smart streetlighting in India?Photron Power- All-in-One Solar LED Street Lights Manufactures in India.Photron being a well known Solar LED Solar manufacture & Supplier in India is among the few LED street light manufactures in India. Our solar powered Street lights are designed and manufactured by our expert team using high quality imported raw materials and updated technology. All in one Solar Street lights provide cost effective, Maintenance free alternative energy solutions for illuminating streets, highways, housing colonies and commercial complexes. All in one solar street lights consist of solar panel, battery and LED and can be operated by solar energy.Use of LED Streetlights in India is economically viable and a better alternative for conventional lighting systems and to bring down the electricity bill drastically. Our Street lights are equipped with automatic motion sensors and dimmer settings to ensure maximum energy savingsIntegrated Solar LED Street Light- Benefits & FeaturesAll in one Integrated Solar LED Street Lights are becoming very popular in India to illuminate the streets due to its compact design and integrated features. The bulky conventional street lights are getting replaced by the the fancy Street lights with advanced features like Motion sensors and Specific spot lighting features. Integrated All In One Solar LED Street Light produces its own power and uses lowest power consumption technology. For complete information please check the belowALL-IN-ONE INTEGRATED SOLAR LED STREET LIGHTS 12W|15W|PHOTRON POWER------Which brand is the best for solar street lights?The impact of solar energy is gaining a huge amount of popularity all over the world with eventual progress in modern lifestyle. Starting from its influence on our daily basic needs to something pretty big and useful for the mass, solar energy has its hand. In a world where at least one effort is made towards making our environment a better place to live in, the everyday implementation of solar energy in various mass commodities in place of the normal electrical power supply is a huge initiative towards existential development. Solar energy is a very smart alternative in the field of energy production and is very easy to use in several fields. Streetlights assisted with solar energy supply for light production, are very much popular in the commercial market these days and is sold by different brands in the different price range. They come in different designs and meet the demands of the clients accordingly. It is very difficult to say which brand is the best for solar street lights since almost every electrical brand is replacing their commodities with solar power commodities and among all these popular and genuinely admirable brands, some are really trustworthy and have made remarkable progress online and offline. LOKOZO is one of them. LOKOZO has developed and has distinguished itself from the test with its expert strategies of product manufacture and marketing in the world of Solar energy and LED light supply. There is a wide range of products by LOKOZO which are making remarkable progress in the market and solar LED street lights is one of the best production of LOKOZO. The types of Solar streetlights produced and marketed by LOKOZO are· Solar LED streetlights- With the technology of solar energy and LED technology, these streetlights are designed according to the needs of our clients and have a very bright and widespread impact. This product is highly used in LED petrol stations lighting, airport lighting, transportation lighting, and service bay lighting. The features include long service life, high performance, excellent strength. · Solar street light with Bluetooth enabled and inbuilt MPPT Charge controller- These contain all the expert features of a solar street light with a Bluetooth enabled MPPT controller inbuilt to cancel out any power connectivity to radically diminish any power loss and give the purest output possible. The features include low power consumption, high power output, very reasonable cost, automatic ON/OFF button, battery charging inside the pole and digital loaf display.For more information on our products, log on to lokozo. inContact us offline at-Chikkahanumanthappa Building,n Rajivgandhi Nagar, Sunkadakatte,n Srigandhadakavlu,n Bangalore - 560091n Mail: Call Us : 91 080-2348-6675n Mob No. : 91 9448957343------Why can we not measure the distance to the Sun directly using Radar?My question is specifically WHY CAN WE NOT USE Radar to measure the distance to the Sun? By way of analogy, the path of a solar eclipse will cross the United States this summer. People are already being warned not to look directly at the Sun during the eclipse without protection. The reason of course is that looking at a partially eclipsed Sun may cause permanent damage to ones eyes. Most of that damage results from from the Sun's infrared rather than visible output. Just because one cannot see that infrared radiation does not mean it won't hurt you.The same applies to radio antenna. While radio antenna are typically designed to be insensitive to visible and infrared, an unprotected radio antenna, like an unprotected eye, will suffer irreparable damage when pointed at the Sun.What about a radio antenna protected by a radome? Those can be and are pointed directly at the Sun. What they see is a large body that radiates at an effective temperature well above the 5778 K of the surface of the Sun. The Sun's chromosphere can have an effective blackbody temperature in the microwave and radio frequencies in the tens of thousands of kelvins, and the solar corona, in the millions of kelvins.This is particularly the case when the Sun is active, a one to four year long period during the Sun's eleven year solar cycle. Solar scientists aim radome-protected radio antenna directly at the Sun because the deviations from blackbody radiation at 10.7 centimeters are highly correlated with deviations at short wavelengths. Scientists use the Sun's radiation at 10.7 cm as a bellwether of the Sun's activity.Suppose someone decides to ping the Sun with a radio antenna inside a radome while the Sun is quiet. Even during quiet periods, the Sun still outputs radiation in the microwave and radio frequencies with an effective temperature of nearly 10000 kelvins. The large output from the Sun in the microwave and radio frequencies will overwhelm that little ping, even when the Sun is at its quietest.Once again by way of analogy, think of pointing a flashlight directly at a street light. Flashlights work great when pointed at a somewhat nearby dark patch of ground. They don't do much at all when pointed at a more remote source of light
Advantages of Integrated Solar Street Light
Advantages of Integrated Solar Street Light
However, the source has a small opening angle, high brightness of the spot area, and strong directivity of light scattering. The light source is easy to form a spot, and the light uniformity is not good, which restricts its application in the lighting field. Nowadays, LEDs as the light source of the LCD screens are ubiquitous in the industry of LCD commercial display, such as touch screen kiosks, digital signages, video walls, interactive flat panel displays, and so on.Colored Stone Light Source - Jewelry Making CommunityCan the colored stone industry choose a standard light source from the multitude on the market? What does a worker sorting colored gems in a shack in Sri Lanka have in common with the salesperson in a tony Manhattan jewelry showroom? In both settings, the type of light they use will make the difference in the color and the cash value of their gems. Color is the most important aspect of a colored stone, and differences in lighting will alter the way a stone's color is perceived by grader, dealer, and, ultimately, customer. When lighting sources are inconsistent, it can cost dealers thousands of dollars. At the same time, tricks of the trade that enhance certain colors for sale can cost the industry in terms of credibility. That is why many involved with colored stones are calling for a lighting standard. "Your industry's crying for help because they have no standard available," said Nick Lena, product marketing manager for lighting manufacturer GretagMacbeth, New Windsor, New York, who has spoken to various groups on the issue. "I was totally amazed at some of the horror stories I heard," said Lena . Gemstone dealers lose thousands of dollars alone in airplane fare traveling back and forth because the stone grading is incorrect, he said. "People who have never been color tested, in a dimly lit shack in a Third World country, are making color decisions" that determine whether their companies make or lose money. "I have a partner in Tanzania and a cutting factory in Sri Lanka and an office in Santa Barbara . There are too many disagreements on the color grading of what I receive and what I send off," said Dana Schorr, owner of gem wholesale business Schorr Marketing & Sales, who is an outspoken advocate of a lighting standard. Another problem occurs when dealers use light to enhance the color of a stone to a degree approaching fraudulence. "There are people in the [American Gem Trade Association] shows that artificially enhance stones with light that will make them look good. I've seen people selling rubies with red light," said Schorr. "A colored gemstone's value is based on color. A ruby that's purplish has less value than [one that's] red. The change in value is tremendous." Why has the colored stone industry lagged behind other industries, including textiles, plastics, printing, and automotive, in developing a lighting standard? "One reason we do not have a standard is we have a fractured trade," suggested Schorr. "It has to come from a coalition in the trade. We have to work with scientific experts. Once we have lights that really do the work, we go before the American Society of Standards and they set up a scientific committee." The one thing that everyone does agree on is that the ideal lighting would be the one that most closely replicates daylight. Daylight is defined as the white light caused by a mixture of yellowish sunlight scattered from a bluish, moderately overcast sky. However, even this simple stipulated point opens a Pandora's Box. Which daylight? Early morning or noon ? Is that noon in Bangkok or Manhattan ? And is it a clear blue sky, or the polluted skies over most major cities? "We've agreed that indirect north, noon daylight is the best light, and is considered standard," said Schorr. "However, the spectral output of the sun changes from day to day, even moment to moment. You have this floating point" that is influenced by pollutants, moisture in the atmosphere, latitude, and time of year. Natural, or white, daylight is composed of an approximately equal mixture of all the wavelengths in the visible color spectrum. An object gives the effect of color by absorbing certain wavelengths and reflecting others. The gemstone industry generally uses two standard methods to quantify how light affects color: Color Temperature (CT), a convenient, one number method expressed in degrees Kelvin, and Spectral Power Distribution (SPD), which breaks a light source into its component colors and then measures the amount of light energy present for each color. The SPD is represented graphically by a curve. Natural daylight will appear as a more or less even line, whereas most artificial light sources register peak and valleys where they are strong or weak in a particular color. A spike in red energy, for example, means that that light source enhances reds. The CT scale relates the color of light emitted from an object to its temperature, measured in degrees Kelvin. "Think about heating up a nail," explained Philip Bradfield, Ph.D., vice president of light manufacturer Tailored Lighting Inc. "First, the color is deep red. Add more energy, it goes from red to orange, to yellow, to white. If you keep going, and it does not melt beyond white hot, the light would look a bluish hue." Bradfield outlined the Kelvin scale: 2300K is horizon light, with warm orange tones; 4100K is a cool white fluorescent color; 4700K to 5700K is direct midday sunlight; and over 10,000K is a clear blue sky in the shade. Color temperature is used in determining the Color Rendering Index (CRI), a commonly used measure of how well a light source reproduces a given standard light. Lamps with a CT below 5000K are compared to a tungsten filament (incandescent) lamp, while lamps above 5000K are compared to a correlated phase of daylight. The maximum rating is 100; lamps with a rating of 90 or above are considered good for color evaluation. Remember when the jeweler would lead his customer over to the shop window to get a better look at her gemstone? Today, gems are graded and displayed under any number of brandname lamps, which can be incandescent (including tungsten halogen and metal halide) or fluorescent. Every manufacturer maintains that his is as close as possible to the ideal of natural daylight. The choice is the dealer's. The variety of light sources used by gem sellers can be surprising. "When I went to the Tucson [show], I saw hand held UV [ultraviolet] lamps, big fluorescent fixtures, desk lamps, and people selling fluorescent lamps you could find at Home Depot," said Lena . "Because I am a scientist, I spent most of my time laughing. . . . It was kind of sad, and it was kind of comical." Different light sources have different effects on the color of gemstones, either enhancing or dimming the true color. But although the effect of the various types of light on color is predictable, opinions on the best light to use for color grading vary. The most neutral light, and the optimal level for grading colored stones and diamonds, is from 5000K to 5500K in color temperature, said gemologist Howard Rubin, creator of the GemDialogue System, a system for grading color using 21 transparent color charts. When you approach 6000K and over, the light source becomes too blue. Achieving that level is more important than using a particular brand, he said, because lighting manufacturers combine different elements to get the balance of color. Rubin did recommend fluorescent lights in the 5000K to 5500K range for grading; halogen desk lamps "get too hot," he said. However, halogen lamps "come close to neutral and are used nicely in showcases. There's nothing wrong with using them to display merchandise." "Not all daylight bulbs are truly daylight, because some have more yellow, a little more red," said Shannon DeMulin, a diamond specialist with Rio Grande in Albuquerque , New Mexico . "You could have two lights, look at a ruby under one and it looks beautiful, and under the other and it looks icky." DeMulin said her company uses General Electric daylight corrected bulbs to grade colored stones and diamonds. She also stressed that overhead lighting, not just the desk bulb, should be color corrected. Incandescent lights, which are defined by the presence of filaments, have a yellowish cast because they have more energy in the warm (red orange yellow) end of the spectrum. Incandescent light will enhance yellow sapphires, for instance. Tungsten halogen, a type of incandescent light, is typically used in many jewelry stores. The advantage is that it simulates home lighting and, because it is a point source, will show light reflected from all facets of the jewel. While the light will greatly enhance yellow red, it is deficient in blue-green, making those stones appear subdued. Metal halide is a popular light source that produces a whiter light than the warmer and more yellow halogens. Lena criticizes it as lighting, however, because it has a "very high level of ultraviolet energy" with multiple spikes in green and orange on the SPD curve and little red energy. Fluorescent lamps are low pressure mercury vapor lights with fluorescing coating, or phosphors. Fluorescent lamps with fewer than three phosphors will have spikes and depressions in the SPD; more phosphor coatings are added to eliminate color exaggeration. At Stuller Settings in Lafayette , Louisiana , the gemstone department is satisfied with the 5000K to 5500K Philips fluorescent bulb they have been trying out. "It's more color corrected and closer to daylight than a regular daylight bulb," said Joe Orlando, department director and buyer. "No incandescent or halogen replicates [daylight] as closely as the fluorescent." At trade shows, Stuller uses standard fluorescent lighting in showcases and special halogens overhead at daylight temperatures for presentation. For display of alexandrite, which is either red or green depending on the light source, they use a special display box that alternates between fluorescent and incandescent light. There are a number of companies which market lighting systems specifically to the gemstone industry, each of which claim to imitate daylight. One popular model is the halogenbased SoLux daylight lamp, manufactured by Tailored Lighting Inc. The SoLux is a light source with a special filtering approach, available in four CTs: approximately 3000K, 3500K, 4100K, and 4700K. The 4100K, the whitest light, is suitable for colored gems because it is closest to daylight, said vice president Bradfield. SoLux replicates natural daylight "as closely as possible," for an indoor light source, said Kevin McGuire, company president. "We are replicating to adjust to indoors with the shifting from rods to cones. . . . Our approach is it's best to have a man made source because it is constant as you use different amounts of light. [And] it's best to have a daylight replication because it presents all the colors equally." Ott Lite Technology manufactures a filtered fluorescent light based on a "proprietary formulation" of multiple phosphors to replicate the optimal balance of the color spectrum seen in natural daylight. "The problem with tungsten halogen is it's very hot," said Ott Lite President Fred Mendelsohn. "Anything very hot has to be high in infrared, which is high yellow and high red." "Halogen by itself provides the sparkle but does not provide the true colors," agreed Lena of GretagMacbeth, which manufactures a filtered tungsten halogen desk lamp called SolSource in CTs of 5000K, 6500K, and 7500K, which is designed to provide color balance approximating daylight. GretagMacbeth also manufactures the SpectraLite Viewing Booth, which has options for filtered tungsten halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, and ultraviolet light, and the Judge II, a small fluorescent viewing booth. "In general, I am skeptical about fluorescent lamps because major lamp manufacturers love to make high efficiency fluorescent daylight sources that are not suitable for viewing colors," said Lena . He explained that fluorescent lights tend to be very weak in red energy, while they are good at rendering blues and greens. So while a fluorescent light may have a high CRI especially at temperatures of less than 5000K, where it is being compared to an incandescent light rather than daylight its effectiveness at rendering blues and greens "cancel out" its poor rendering of reds. What are the things to consider for an industry wide lighting standard? Lena , who is consulting with Schorr on developing such a standard, said that companies will need a directional point source, a neutral surrounding, and light levels higher than the typical jewelry store. Personnel should also be required to be color vision tested, he added. Neither would the industry have to "reinvent the wheel," he pointed out, referring to existing standards by organizations such as the American Society of Testing Materials, which has visual and instrumental standards for solid to translucent materials which could be applied to gems. In terms of measurement and rating, Schorr questions both the CT systems and the CRI, calling them less than ideal. "Both CRI and Kelvin are false standards, used to trick the trade and consumer. I can get three fluorescent lights with the same Kelvin rating and to the eye each light looks different," he said. "Kelvin is not without meaning. It's just too broad a range as a standard." The CRI system is also misleading, he added. If a lamp is rated over 5000K, it is being based on daylight; but if the Kelvin is below 5000K, the color index is based on incandescent light. "How can we listen to a lamp [sales] person when . one is saying his product is great because it compares to daylight, while the other says theirs is good because it compares to [incandescent]?" Most lighting manufacturers, Lena pointed out, will try to keep their color temperature under 5000K to avoid comparisons to natural daylight. "Yes, it's easy to get a 98 CRI when you are comparing [the light] to an incandescent," he said. "But if you push the temperature to 5000K, the CRI will drop to 60 or 70." "The only truly accurate, reputable, measurable means of comparing light [sources] is the spectral power curve, or the spectral output of the color," concluded Schorr. "All the major lighting companies have the equipment. The technology is there, the ability to create a standard, to measure and have accurate reproducibility is there. We have agreed what the spectral output should be and what variation is allowable." But the industry still has a long way to go, agree lighting and colored stone experts, before it achieves a standard. • Webster, R. Gems: Their Sources, Descriptions, and Identification. 5th ed. Oxford , England : Butterworth Heinemann Ltd., 1994.
China How to Choose Good All in One Solar Street Light, 10080lm Solar Street Light 351w Outdoor Ip65
China How to Choose Good All in One Solar Street Light, 10080lm Solar Street Light 351w Outdoor Ip65
Best Quality Solar Lighting for All Seasons. Free-Light Free-Light Solar Lights: An Investment Into Your Home. Solar lighting drastically improves the appearance and security of your home. During the night time, you can relax and enjoy near your garden or on your porch or patio with our high performance solar light products.Solar light fixtures should give you the flexibility to maximize your space after dark by providing the light you deem necessary.In a Dark Time - Theodore Roethke?Go to classic-enotes with your query for expert help on it. Good luckWhy are Tamils dark complexioned?Guess what, we love Black!.We have a nice number too.Karupputhaan Ennaku Pudicha Coloru Tamil Song | Vetri Kodi Kattu movie | murali.Enjoy the difference. Do not hate itDark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?dark if you want a wonderful tangy sensation. milk if you want sweet and milky. dark is very healthy apparently! i would choose neither. i prefer chocolate biscuitsdark or light?Dark Beer if I am going for taste or just hanging out Light Beer if I am trying to get drunkDying hair that is naturally dark?It will be reddish but you canAre chickens active at night...?A wonderful educational film on this would be a documentary called.....Chicken Run. I know that in our hen house the all go to bed on time..around dark, but the middle of the night... I could swear that there is a 'gabby girls' meeting. They start to talking to each other until one of the quiet ones yells at the others to shut the beak up. Chickens are fun!If Satan is the Prince of darkness who is the king of darkness?Ozzy is the Prince, and Satan is the King. I do not care what you say, though, if you are in darkness, you are a low-life druggyDark red gums and a cold?If you do not regularly brush your teeth you need to start now, once the gums go it's nearly impossible to keep your teeth looking nice for long. I would start flossing once or twice a day (at least until it gets better) and brushing, also find a good rinse. Crest Pro Health is a really good one that keep infection away, it's alcohol free so it does not burn to much in your mouth and within a few days you should see a differece in your gums. Good luck and if it does not clear up soon I would really try to see a dentist or add and extra cleaning in throughout your day.Are dwarves and dark elves the same?The issue with figuring the answer to this is to know that Norse mythology now has been convoluted by old Christianity. This was done to make people who follow the Norse mythology to be easier to lead into Christianity. As Helheim was made after Christianity helped change it. The original realms were as soThis was the original list of the realms but as stated it was later changed to make it easier to convert Nordics to Christianity. As it was easy to link Ragnarok meaning the end of gods with Christianity. As the world will be born again from the fires of Surtur. Christians of old used this to convert many Vikings or Nordics into their faith as they could use this for how Adam and Eve started as only 2 humans are to survive Ragnarok. Another thing that contributed to this was that Hel daughter of Loki whom watched over the dead was doing this in the realm of Niflheim. But in order to link the bible and Norse mythology more. They changed a little in order to add the realm Hel where the dead are that are not taken to Valhalla or . when originally they went to Niflheim as Hel resided there. others who died in battle or not of age or sickness went to Valhalla located in Asgard or Folkvang in Vanaheim. So other then the changes do to different religions leaking in these were the original nine realms. So in turn the answer is no Dwarves and Dark Elves are not the same. they were mixed together to be able to add in the realm of Hel.
Street lamp is a necessary part of every part of the street, with a primary function is to provide comfort to the driver and pedestrian. Street lamp also has a security function that is to prevent accidents and criminality. On the other hand, from environmental and economical perspectives, solar street lamp is better than the traditional street lamp, since the traditional technology uses far more energy during its operational life [1], [2].Solar street lamp is a lamp that utilizes solar cell to obtain electrical energy during the daylight hour by solar radiation and then stored in the battery [3], [4]. At night, the energy saved in the battery is used to provide light on the street. Generally, there are two types of solar street lamps: (a) unintegrated lamp; (b) fully-integrated lamp, as shown in Figure 1. Unintegrated lamp is a lamp which are each component, i.e. lamp, solar cell, controller, and battery, separate from each other, as shown in Figure 1(a). However, the lack of this type of solar street lamp is in need of a complicated installation. Different from un-integrated lamp, fully-integrated lamp has integrated all the components of each lamp, as shown in Figure 1(b). The fully integrated lamp causes easier installation, although the component price of this type is expensive [5].Semi-integrated lamp (Figure 1c) tries to overcome both problems that is expensive and complicated installation. Semi-integrated solar street lamp only integrated solar cell, controller, and battery, while lamp is separated using cable. This configuration makes semi integrated lamp cheaper and easier for installation that is suitable for rural area.Why arenu2019t solar cells used much in producing voltage?The current delivering capacity is the issue. Combination of the good quality cells could probably deliver the high currents required, but setting a solar plant may cost more than the conventional plants.However, solar cells are used in low current circuits quite many panels of solar cells i need to produce enough electricity for running a house's devises and machinesIt depends on what you want to run. There are systems out there that will run your entire house "off the grid" with very few panels. In this situation you can have as few as one panel up to 3 or 4 to run the whole house. Then there are panels that will only run things like a small appliance or cell charger. It really depends on your needs and your budget. The bigger and more expensive the systemWhat happens to solar cells in water (or in anything other than air)?This causes a drop in efficiency. For single junction cells, which are very tolerant to changes in spectrum, the drop will be much less than for multi junction solar cells which are designed for particular spectral conditions.The IV characteristic will change because the surface resistance will decrease causing a leak current. This will also reduce efficient.Reflection occurs at the interface between materials of different refractive index. Semiconductor have a high index, say around 3.5, so the reflection is high. For these reasons solar cells have surface antireflection treatment which tries to place a materials of intermediate index between the surface and air (#1). If you place this in water you will skew this behaviour away from the design specification. (#1) the details here are quite fascinating, I slightly over simplified this pointWhat is the cost of solar cells compared to the cost of fossil fuels?That's a very complex question, and somewhat of a moving target. Solar cells are getting cheaper. However, it's not really a direct comparison. If I buy a solar cell, it produces a kilowatt hour, continuously -- as long as the somewhat less. If I dig a gallon of oil out of the ground, refine it (which takes energy), it's use up. I think the best comparison would be to take the expected lifespan of a solar cell and calculate the cost of a kilowatt hour, including the cost of the solar panels, installation, etc., etc. my guess is that the solar panels would be much cheaper.besides batteries or solar cells or fuel cells, or generators what else is there that can produce high voltageYou are correct a nuclear power plant = a coal powered power plant with the boiler replaced by a nuclear reactor. Yes we can create electricity through other means, but we can not do it without electrons. A thermocouple can also be added to generate electricity by inserting two dissimilar metals in the reactor pool, but that would just create more radioactive elements to mess around with. A fusion reactor will probably be used to boil water to turn a generator as well. Electrons are the source of electricity without an electron there is no electricity. So you can not create electricity that way. A nuclear reaction passes neutrons around and creates neutron radiation; the electrons and protons are not altered or affected in any way. Instead they reform smaller radioactive elements through the process of atomic decay. A generator spins a coil of wire in a magnetic field to create electricity and beyond chemical reactions (batteries) and solar cells we do not know of any way to create electricity. Is there another source of high voltage; yes, lightning. Lightning is static electricity created by the clouds moving across the earth. It is the same force that creates a spark when you rub your feet on a shag carpet and touch a door knob. If you run a huge thermocouple into the volcanic earth and then cool the other ends in the artic atmosphere then you can create electricity, but the people in Iceland prefer to use the steam created to run conventional generators; they get more power that way.
Good Quality Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Punjab
Good Quality Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Punjab
Wolta Power System is India's a standout among the most conspicuous organizations, assembling and providing an extensive variety of Solar Street Light Manufacturer in Punjab. As a perceived firm, we convey quick and solid road lighting frameworks. Sun oriented vitality is perfect and contamination free and sustainable environmentally friendly power vitality. Using sunlight based power, unparalleled tidiness, high well-be, generally broad and adequate vitality, long life and upkeep free advantages from other ordinary wellsprings of vitality, photo-voltaic vitality is thought to be the twenty-first century the most essential new vitality.Wolta Power System is giving the best quality items as a result of consumer loyalty is our first need. Our item is dependable and simple to keep up. Incorporated sunlight based road light is an exceptionally proficient sun based board, high brilliant effectiveness LED lights, shrewd controller, Anti-burglary establishment section and other packed in one of the sun powered road lights. The principle objective is to outline vitality effective brilliant streetlight for vitality protection in existing streetlights of rustic territory, urban region and only for savvy urban communities.Components of Solar Street Light:• Solar Panel• Lighting Fixture• Rechargeable Battery• PoleContact Us:-Wolta Power System Amit Singh (CEO)Address: - B-91, 1st Floor, Sector 64, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaPhone - 0120-4560031 91-9266533533Email - info@woltapowersystem.comFor More info visit our Website - ·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is proffesional led stage lighting?When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation.Focus, position and hanging:Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next.Types of stage lighting :Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels.Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage.Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport.Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase.Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives:LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lightingare useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting.Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name.Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact.Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions:Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity.Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.
Solar Street Light Manufacturer, LED Street Lamp Supplier
Solar Street Light Manufacturer, LED Street Lamp Supplier
Shenzhen Green Tech Lighting Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, Certified with ISO9001:2008 management system. We are professional Outdoor lighting manufacturer in the LED semiconductive lighting industry who has been all the time devoted to the research, development, manufacturing, selling and design of LED Street Lamp, Solar Street Light, High Mast Light, LED Flood Light. Through hard working and continuous innovation, we have earned good reputation as one of the larger suppliers in China.Uknown high pitched 2 tone house noise?As with anything you have to go through the process of elimination. One evening when you hear the noise shut the house's electric it's quiet at the main. With the main off see if you can hear the sound. If you do not hear the sound with the main off then a speaker or another magnetic electrical device is causing the issue. If the sound continues go outside listen for a transformer or street lamp on a pole many times they will emit a noise when they are in the process of going. If that is not it then listen around the outside of the house to see if you can isolate the noise. As mentioned it could be a gutter or soffit. Or something else creating a reed noise in the wind. Lastly indoors with the electric off check for a pipe vibration noise and attempt to isolate it.Related rates help! A 6 foot tall woman walking at 4 ft/s away from 24 ft. street lamp. How fast is the..?If she starts under the lamp her shadow has zero length. In 1 second she will be 4 ft from the lamp. Looking from the side we can see 2 similar triangles - one triangle is formed from the connection of the top of the lamp, the bottom ofthe lamp and the far end of her shadow; the other from the top of her head, her feet and the end of her shadow. From this we can calculate that her shadow will be 1ft 3ins long so the speed at which her shadow will change must be 1ft 3ins in/secWhy does my body discharge so much electricity?This happens to most everyone who lives in dry northern climate found in Alaska and some parts of Canada west and northern central tier USA states.But some people do have more natural electricity. Even though I do medical and electronics I do not know the precise reasons why. I have been such a person at times. For example, just turning on lights I far more often than others cause them to burn out. At times I have set off those RFID chip detectors when exiting stores, even when having zero store items on board.I have heard believable stories about people who seem to have effects on street lamps just walking by. In 6th grade in Alaska the thoughtless boys would shuffle across floor (even better with wool sweater) and touch girls behind ear, the effect greatly enhanced with small magnet in fingers. ZAAAP ! Fortunately I became more conscientious and stopped. You would not want zappy unexpected blue spark yourself, but you get one reaching to put key in door at home, touching metal door handle and so on. Shuffling across wool carpet builds up a big charge of static electricity. Kids like experimenting with this a lot until the novelty of it wears off.In my old age I am studying and thinking about used and unused human forces and capabilities. Some of this in answers here. Check out Harry Oldfield stuff for some of the latest new science on that.BEING POLITE: You can discharge YOUR built up Static Charge by touching a metal desk or window frame (or some metal item) BEFORE shaking hands with another person and [Important !] BEFORE touching your computer. Touch the METAL CASE of your PC first, if it has one. Good idea to turn it OFF completely during bad lightning storm too. That is called discharging to "ground" and the electrons go through the ground prong when they leave your PC.Similarly you do NOT want to be wearing a lot of metal items, nor being tallest item about during lightning storm. Get off horse, do NOT stand under tree, nor flag pole, nor street lamp, nor be touching a metal fence ! ! ! The lightning is searching for best connection to "ground" see? Let that pathway NOT be you... The dog with metal chain should be detached from it and taken inside. Standing in mud or on high rocky place or in rain puddle during lightning is also a bad idea. Go inside car, and inside dry house or barn is better. Lightning likes tall items like CN Tower. A very good idea to keep your laptop in a foam lined metal case these days, for reasons I won't detail here. Does no good to protect it from awful damage, unless the metal case is kept completely shut with latch(es) fastened.Why does my body discharge so much electricity?.
What Is the Market for Solar Street Light Lazada in China?
What Is the Market for Solar Street Light Lazada in China?
According to relevant estimates, the total number of existing street lights in China is about 100 million (also estimated at 200 million), and it is growing at a rate of 20% per year. If this billion street lights can be converted into 60 million 250-watt street lights, Assuming that all 60 million street lights are converted into solar street light lazada, a total of 15 million kilowatts of power can be saved. Assuming that each street lamp works 12 hours a day, it will save 65.7 billion kWh of electricity in one year. The Three Gorges Hydropower Station generated a total of 61.603 billion kWh of electricity in 2007. Therefore, the energy saved by changing all the street lights in the country to solar street light lazada will exceed the annual power generation of a Three Gorges Hydropower Station. This is an extremely alarming number. We must know that the total investment of the Three Gorges Project exceeds 180 billion yuan, plus more than 40 billion of transmission and distribution projects totaling more than 220 billion yuan. And there are more than one million immigration issues, plus many unpredictable issues about the ecological environment.So, how big is the market capacity of China's solar street light lazada? According to the Taiwan Optical Industry Technology Development Association, the global LED street lamp market size will reach USD 1.04 billion in 2008, and the Chinese market will account for approximately USD 560 million. The number of LED street lights will reach 500,000. It is expected that in 2009, the global LED street lights will rise sharply from 900,000 this year to 2.1 million, and the penetration rate will exceed 1%. In 2010, the global LED street light market size will grow to 4.4 million, and the penetration rate will increase to more than 2%. Based on past growth rates, it is assumed that China will still increase by more than 20% in 2009, reaching at least 600,000. If the high-pressure sodium lamps originally used 250 watts of electricity each, the total power consumption would reach 150,000 kilowatts. After being converted to solar street light lazada, not only these electrical energy will be saved, but also a considerable amount of solar energy. Assume that the LED street light only needs 100 watts each, and the required solar panel is about 4 times the power, which is 400 watts. 600,000 units require 240,000 kilowatts of solar panels. It has already far exceeded the total amount of current solar panels.In fact, the entire street lamp market in China is huge, with 17 million installed in 2007 alone. Of course, most of them are ordinary AC high-pressure sodium lamps, not solar street light lazada. If the total number of street lights installed in 2009 can reach 20 million, and all use led street light with solar panel, the total power of the required solar panels will reach 8 million kilowatts. The NDRC's task of 1.8 million kilowatts by 2020 can be completed 4.4 times over the next year. And in three years, its total power will exceed 24 million kilowatts, far exceeding the total installed capacity of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station (22.5 million kilowatts) caused by 18 years.More importantly, the development of led street light with solar panel does not require the government to concentrate such huge human, material and financial resources, and it does not require immigration to millions, and there is no concern about ecological environment. As long as the power of local governments at all levels can carry out. And this does not require additional input from governments at all levels, because these street lights are already planned, but they are just replacing the original high-pressure sodium lights with led street light with solar panel·RELATED QUESTIONWhich custom lighting design manufacturers would you choose to work with (as in, your preferred list of custom lighting design manufacturers for new projects, renovations, and/or construction of a new home and/or commercial property) and why?Residential and commercial lighting are different products. You do not give a reason for wanting custom vs. off the shelf products.A unique custom lighting product is backlit onyx and hinoki wood walls, desks, columns, and stairs by GPI Design of Cleveland. The onyx and hinoki veneer are sandwiched between glass.Boyd Lighting is a San Francisco Bay Area maker of high end lighting.Phoenix Day is another Bay Area custom manufacturer.Holly Hunt is a collection of custom lighting manufacturers.Working with a lighting designer will save you time and money while guaranteeing your project will meet codes, function, and look good.
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