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Basics of Solar Light Controller

2021-07-21 10:59:32

Basics of Solar Light Controller 1


FAQs of Solar Light Controller


1. What is MPPT solar light controller?

Answer: MPPT solar light controller is the third generation technology, better outdoor solar light remote controller. MPPT solar light controller refers to the solar light controller with "MaximumPowerPointTracking" (MaximumPowerPointTracking) function, MPPT solar light controller can real-time MPPT solar light controller can detect solar panel voltage and current, and constantly track the maximum power (P=U*I), so that the system always charges the battery with maximum power, MPPT tracking efficiency of 99%, the whole system power generation efficiency of up to 97%, and has excellent management of the battery, divided into MPPT charging, constant voltage charging and constant voltage floating charging.


2. What is PMW solar light controller?

Answer: the PMW solar light controller adopts the analog control mode of pulse width modulation, which modulates the bias of the transistor base or MOS gate according to the change of the corresponding load, so as to realize the change of the on time of the transistor or MOS tube, so as to realize the change of the output of the switching power supply. This way can make the output of the power supply constant when the working conditions change. It is a very effective technology to use the digital signal of the microprocessor to control the analog circuit. Pulse width modulation (PWM) is a very effective technology which uses digital output of microprocessor to control analog circuit. It is widely used in many fields such as measurement, communication, power control and transformation. PMW control scheme, can solve the problem of battery power shortage, charging conversion efficiency of 75% - 80%, solar panels are not fully used.


3. What does the conversion rate of the solar light controller have to do with?

Answer: The conversion rate of solar light controller is divided into charging conversion rate and discharging conversion rate, charging part is mainly related to the solar panel voltage, battery voltage, circuit board loss, the maximum solar energy can be converted into lithium battery power corresponding charging conversion rate is higher.

Discharge conversion rate, mainly with the lamp bead voltage, controller heat loss, battery voltage has a relationship, to maximize the conversion of electricity into light energy, the corresponding discharge conversion rate is also higher.


Basics of Solar Light Controller 2


4. 3.2v battery flat voltage type solar light controller why the power does not do high?

Answer: The battery voltage is 3.2v, the lamp bead voltage of about 3.0v, due to the pressure difference between the battery and the lamp bead is not large enough, due to the power P = U² / R, the pressure difference of 0.2v will decrease with the increase in current, so the flat voltage control system for lithium iron phosphate batteries is generally difficult to exceed 18W power.


5. lamps and lanterns over a certain power why do you want to use 12v or even 24v boost controller?

Answer: mainly from two considerations, one is the charging point of view, the higher the power of the solar lights need the battery storage capacity is also greater, the same need for solar panels, the higher the power requirements, if the lamps more than a certain power with higher power 6v solar panels, then the current will be larger, the entire solar panels and wire conductivity requirements will be higher.

From the discharge point of view, 12v or 24v lithium battery pack boosted to 30v power supply can do constant power discharge, and the current can be controlled to a lower, so that heat loss will be lower, in other words, the higher the efficiency of the lithium battery power into light energy.


6. The existing solar light controllers are generally used in reduced power mode, if the mode is as follows: 1h 30w 2h 20w 1h 18w 3h 15w 3h 10w 2h 15w, then according to the control mode of this solar light controller, how much power needs to be consumed in one night? Need to be equipped with a minimum of how much v, how many amp hours of battery, solar panels need to be equipped with at least how big? (Take Zhongshan sunshine time as an example)

Answer: power consumption 163Wh. can be configured as 18v 80W solar panel, lithium battery pack 12v 30Ah battery pack, so that you can have three to five cloudy days effect.

Other programs can also achieve the effect, here no longer do.

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