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To Be Lumussolem Solar Light Distributor Or Dealer

Welcome To Join LumusSolem
We have strong research and development capabilities, focus on intelligence, and ensure after-sales customer satisfaction. Welcome to be one of LumusSolem solar light wholesale distributors.
$854 billion
Annual sales revenue (2020)
For street lights
208 million kWh
Safe/year if solar energy is used
Using solar energy in 2050
Solar light wholesale Dealer
franchise mechanism

Years of experience

You should have many years of experience in the lighting industry (at least 3 years) and your team should have outstanding capabilities and enough employees to support the city. A team with many years of hard work is preferred.

Customer groups

The customers you served now should match our customer groups. LumusSolem only provides high-quality products and services to repay customers' recognition.

Brand deposit

During the cooperation time, you must not damage the brand image. If you do anything that damages the brand, the deposit will not be refunded. If you do something that touches customers and they give their feedback to the headquarters, we will reward you and inform other distributors to learn from you as an excellent distributor.

Monthly KPI assessment

Clear rewards and penalties (please consult for specific details of various policies).

For Every Lamp We Sell,

We Will Donate US$5.00 To Children In Need.

We will continue to maintain that every sales volume will be donated a fixed proportion to poor children.
The agreement is here and I hope that many people will supervise it!

Protection mechanism


In each city, we only select one dealer for cooperation and focus on supporting the dealer (for details, please email or call us for consultation)


All orders from a city with a dealer will be handed over to the dealer for service. Dealers should earn their due profits.

LumusSolem advantages
Strong R&D capabilities
LumusSolem has strong R&D capabilities and focuses on intelligence. In the process of continuous product upgrading, our technical advantages are non-comparable, and we boast a number of invention patents.
LumusSolem has many independent production lines and involves in the industry for 15 years. We have been focusing on high quality, not to do defective products, not to impact the market with a price war. Our production lines emphasize high quality to ensure customer satisfaction after the sale.
Customer satisfaction
While we focus on products, CEO Alex pays more attention to changes in consumer demand and how dealers can become bigger and stronger, promptly formulate relevant policies in accordance with the market, and cooperate with dealers to serve customers. "Honesty, integrity, kindness, altruism" is our corporate value. We live in this value assessment every day. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our company.
For the constructive opinions from dealers that are conducive to brand development, our company is willing to invest funds to implement together with the dealers, and the ultimate goal is to serve customers well and satisfy them.
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Service guarantee

Instant news for consumers

We will inform consumers of all contracts in public so that they can learn the news quickly.

24-hour online service

Our customer service is online 24 hours a day, and we work hard with dealers to solve various problems.


Xingshen Technology Co., Ltd

Notre mission aux clients:
Protection de l'environnement, fabrication intelligente.
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Si vous avez des questions, veuillez nous contacter.

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