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Unique Advantages Of Our Solar Lighting Products

LSS-Self Adaptive Power Management System, also known as the new patented dual smart charge and discharge management system. Different from the traditional PWM, MPPT charge and discharge management mode, LSS dual-system management mode intelligently monitors the battery storage, and starts the dual-system of charging and smart night discharging mode.

LSS (LumusSolem Solar Lighting System) Explanation Video


Self-developed ultra-long rainy day lighting LSS smart charge and discharge management system.

Precise craft details

Unique appearance design, precise craft details, and independent property rights.

Ultra-low temperature

Ultra-low temperature (-50°C) lighting control system, ensuring lighting in harsh environments.

5-year Warranty

LiFePO4 battery with a service life of up to 10 years and a 5-year warranty.

LSS (LumusSolem System)

Ultra-long rainy day lighting control system (15 continuous rainy days)

Technical background

The existing solar lighting system solution has the problem of short lighting time or even not lighting on rainy days. In order to solve this problem, the general technical countermeasures are:

1. Increase the wattage of solar panels and the storage capacity of lithium batteries.
2. Reduce the power consumption of lights at night, including but not limited to rapidly reduce power and lower initial lighting power.

The above two solutions are easy to go into the two extremes:

1. The cost is too high.
2. The brightness of the lights is insufficient.

To solve the problem of insufficient lighting time on rainy days.

LumusSolem developed the LSS smart charge and discharge management system from the lithium battery side and the controller side.

The core of the technology is the lithium battery and the controller, as well as an in-depth understanding of the dynamic balance of the three systems.

The three systems are solar panel power generation system, lithium battery storage system, and LED light source system.

LSS-Self Adaptive Power Management Solar Street Lighintg System. Also known as the new patented dual smart charge and discharge management system, different from the traditional PWM, MPPT charge and discharge management mode, LSS dual-system management mode intelligently monitors the battery storage, and starts the dual-system of charging and smart night discharging mode.

Key points:

1. The high charging efficiency is mainly reflected in that because the voltage of the solar panel is higher than the voltage of the lithium battery, we continuously track the battery voltage, and increase the charging current by reducing the voltage while the charging power remains unchanged to power the lithium battery.

2. The high discharge efficiency is mainly reflected in that we monitor the battery storage power by continuously reading the battery voltage, and continuously correct and process the data to intelligently allocate the discharge capacity, ensuring that the battery is bright enough when the battery is high, and can increase the lighting time and meet the basic needs of solar street lighting when the battery is low.

3. In the light source, according to the basic requirements of solar street lighting, we adjust the frequency of the discharge to a sine wave regular switch beating, that is, bright-dark-bright sine beating, to reduce power consumption and set a reasonable frequency setting without violating the healthy inspection needs of humans.

Ultra-low temperature

Solar lighting control system

Quality advantage

Power generation system (solar panel)

With the A-level monocrystalline silicon that is easy to quantify and mature, it introduces special matching and parallel-series schemes to expand the spectral absorption range and effectively capture and digest weak light particles. 100% full inspection of solar panels achieves a high conversion rate, up to 20%.

Battery storage system (solar battery)

Battery storage system (solar battery): Combining the new lithium-ion battery with high energy density and completely environmentally friendly and our patented solution, it can store and manage power with 94.6% ultra-high efficiency. The service life is up to 10 years and the warranty is 10 years. It can operate effectively even on rainy days. And it completely guarantees the long life of the battery cell with the most conservative protection scheme. The expected life will no longer be affected by overcharge, over-discharge, under-voltage, lightning strike, etc.

LumusSolem system

LumusSolem system: it can increase the LumusSolem intensity (cd) and strongly promote the effective transmission of light particles to the street surface with high-grade and high-power chips and crystal-grade inorganic light distribution, achieve the highest illuminance (lux) with the lowest LumusSolem flux (lm), and thus reduce the residual heat of the electro-optical conversion to the controllable level, ensuring that the light attenuation value is almost zero. In the structure, the company's patented heat dissipation structure is used with nano-ceramics to produce a steady flow of far-infrared heat radiation effect, which releases the residual heat again, so that the light body achieves the effect of excellent heat dissipation and light volume. We use high-brightness chip 3030 for the light beads, and the lumens per watt are up to 200 lm/W.

Design advantages

The unique appearance comes from senior designers, with both aesthetics and practicality.

From a small accessory, a system module, the complete machine, to the engineering docking, we develop and design the photovoltaic solar street lights by ourselves after 5 years of practice, and have independent property rights.

The assembled or copycat products on the market are not comparable to ours.

The advantages of a product mainly come from the integrated design. Each part, the effective link of each system, and the effective combination of each feature can only be achieved through continuous measurement experiments.

Service advantages

When developing this series of products, we have made unremitting efforts for many years to understand and connect customers, constructors and users, and take their benefits as the starting point.

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