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What LumusSolem Do

At present, LumusSolem's main solar light products are: solar lawn lights, solar pillar lights, solar wall lights, solar flood lights and solar street lights and other series of outdoor lighting products; in the field of outdoor solar lighting, there are complete categories, many styles, and a variety of self-developed high-tech products. As we are also a wholesale solar light manufacturer and supplier, we welcome bulk order inquiries. We also warmly welcome you to be one of LumusSolem solar light wholesale distributors and dealers, if you are interested in our brand.

Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, ultra-bright LED lamps are used as light sources and are controlled by an intelligent charge and discharge controller. LumusSolem outdoor solar street lights are configured by our self-developed ultra-long rainy day lighting system LSS smart charge and discharge management system;

Ultra-low temperature (-50°C) lighting control system;

Unique appearance design and precise craft details;

LiFePO4 battery with a service life of up to 10 years and a 5-year warranty.

Solar Flood Lights

It is a kind of point light source that can irradiate evenly in all directions, environmental protection and energy saving, with a particularly long life span.

The product is widely used in roads, courtyards, courts, gardens, billboards, railroad tunnels, bridges, squares, buildings and other places.

Solar Lawn Lights

The solar lawn lights are a kind of green energy outdoor solar lights for house, which have the characteristics of safety, energy-saving, environmental protection, and easy installation. The outdoor solar powered lawn light is suitable for the beautification of green grass in residential communities and the beautification of park lawns.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar garden lights use solar powered radiant energy as energy. Solar panels are used to charge the battery during the day, and the battery powers the garden light source at night. It works stably and reliably, saves electricity costs, and is maintenance-free. Choose the best solar garden lights to decorate and brighten your garden.

Solar Wall Lights

Solar wall lights are a great way and the best outdoor solar wall lights to light your garden without the need for complicated and expensive electrical work. What you need to do is simply install your solar wall light in a location that gets good sunlight and enjoy years of mains free solar lighting.

solar string lights

There are some best outdoor solar string lights for gardens.  These solar powered string lights use solar energy to charge, but the light string controller in a sunny place, and turn the switch to (ON 1) or (ON 2), whichever is selected.

Solar Mosquito Repellent Lights

The solar mosquito repellent lights which are also called solar mosquito killer lamps adopt solar energy (amorphous silicon) production technology and new solar battery technology. These solar bug lights convert solar energy into electric energy for storage and utilization. It uses solar energy to power the mosquito killer tube to attract mosquitoes and cause the mosquitoes to die by electric shock.

solar spot lights

Solar spot lights are also called spotlights, which can aim in any direction and have a structure that is not affected by weather conditions. Bright solar spot lights for trees in the garden or large-area operation sites, building outlines, stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks, and flower beds, etc.

solar pool lights

LumusSolem's best solar pool lights are electric lights that are converted into electrical energy by solar panels. In the daytime, even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) can also collect and store solar energy. As a new safe and environmentally friendly electric light, solar swimming pool lights have attracted more and more attention.

Solar Ground Lights

Automatic work, solar powered outdoor ground lights will automatically turn on in the dark or night, and automatically turn off in the day or bright area. The solar ground lights for the garden can work in all kinds of weather, such as rain, snow, frost, or sleet, and can also maintain continuous lighting, decorate your garden with outdoor lights, paths, yards, steps, classics. Welcome to inquire more details for best solar ground lights from LumusSolem.

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