5 Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights in 2021 (Review)

Outdoor solar flood lights come in handy when you want to keep your compound lit at night without interfering with your monthly electricity expenses. And, they are not only good for security purposes, they can also be used for decoration because some designs create a really beautiful ambiance. Basically, solar lights require just enough sunshine to charge up then use the stored energy to light the outdoor at night. One thing to note though is that the size of the solar panel matters. The bigger the solar panel, the more energy it can store and the lights stand out. Again, any residues on your solar panel will hinder the sunrays from covering it totally, hence a slower charging rate. In a hurry? If you do not have much time use the links below to quickly find the Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights for you on Amazon. You can be assured we only choose the best products... This 4-pack solar outdoor flood light is bright and durable. It features a waterproof (IP64) motion sensor, so it's reliable even with terrible weather changes. Again, the auto on/off motion sensor is quite sensitive, meaning you wo not have to pass so close for it to go on. It also features 8 LED lights, thus brighter than most options and it also works longer. It is also heatproof and in general, it's a good outdoor flood light for your driveway, porch, yard, patio, garden, etc. Again, installing it is super easy and it comes with the needed screws for installing. However, unlike some options as you will see below, this URPOWER solar light has no optional modes. It only lights at night when it senses motion. Quite small in size than they appear in the photos, but still bright enough to perfectly light your outdoor This is the second best solar floodlight for outdoor and it's from a trusted solar light company, LITOM. Its design and technology stands out to give you the best outdoor lighting experience. With it, you will get over 30000 hours of service time and it withstands any terrible weather thanks to its IP65 waterproof rating. Again, it has a PIR motion sensor that detects up to 26 feet at 120 detection angle. It is also super easy to mount. You have the option to use screws and screw it on the wall or go for the non-invasive attachment where you can use a thick double-sided adhesive tape. If you decide to use the tape, be careful not to cover the lighting modes. And, talking of lighting modes, the LIPTOM Original Solar Outdoor Light has three optional modes; constant lighting, constant dim motion sensor, and only motion sensor. Easy to install and has good brightness for a solar light Lighting mode settings are at the back, which means you have to take the lights down each time you need to switch from one mode to the other. With upgraded 28 LEDs & 400lm, the BAXIA TECHNOLOGY BX-SL-101 Solar Lights are enough to illuminate your outdoor in a more money-saving and energy-saving way. The lights feature an on/off mode but no dim mode. As such, they will not only be extending their life span but also their work time. It's a really reliable solar light set, small in size, but a wide motion angle (120) and 10ft. distance. The lights turn on automatically when motion is detected and they remain on for 30s after the motion is over. Perfect for use as solar step lights, yard or pathway lights Remains on for 30 seconds after the motion Do not stay on if there is not motion detected If you need an outdoor solar flood light with three different optional lighting modes then the Aootek New Upgraded Solar Lights will be perfect for you. It allows you to choose wither auto on at nightfall then off at dawn, dim plus bright when it detects motion, and lastly off plus bright when it detects any motion. The only downside of going with the second mode setting, dim plus bright when it detects motion, is that it will work for few hours and will also have a shorter lifespan. However, it's a perfect choice for those who do not want their outdoor to be completely dark when there is no motion detected. Waterproof (IP64) plus heatproof thus ideal for outdoor lighting You can keep them on all night Turns on very quickly once motion is detected The mode changing switch is at the back, so you might be forced to take down the lights if you decide to change the settings after mounting This is another outdoor solar flood light with three optional modes and you will definitely like the quality and price! You can configure the lights to be on the dim mode always, which goes bright for 15 seconds once motion is detected then return to dim after. This way, you will always have a lit outdoor or just choose the other two options. And, even when it's all cloudy, the lights still charge enough to last through the night. Again, despite being great outdoor security lights, these lights also provide great ambiance as they produce a really beautiful down light display. They are also waterproof to withstand weather changes and they are very durable. Very bright with a really sensitive motion sensor Has no USB charging port, so if you have several cloudy days continuously they might not have enough charge to keep them on But, given that these are purposely made to use in the outdoor, you should ensure that whichever you pick is able to withstand any terrible weather and that it's generally durable enough.

5 Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights in 2021 (Review) 1

1. What is the best equipment to measure instantaneous solar light intensity?

I think the question is ill posed. When you say how is light measured I could understand that you want a measurement procedure in order to find out the energy it carries (photometry) the frequency of the electromagnetic oscillations taking place inside it (spectrometry)... In order to characterise different properties of light (of an electromagnetic wave) energetic and photometric units are used and there are a lot of them. So put the question again a more precise way. Only correct questions could receive correct answers!!

2. What is the best solar light product?

I got my solar garden lights online. The site I found had many great styles. They gave me free shipping and it was there that I found the best price. The LED gives the longest life.

5 Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights in 2021 (Review) 2

3. How can I use solar to light up my garden?

given the scale of the energy consumption, there is no cheap way to do it. if you take apart one of the cheap solar lights, you will see that it contains a solar panel, a battery, an LED light (possibly a small bunch of them), and a circuit board. Basically, the circuit board uses the voltage from the solar panel to tell if it should be charging the battery with the (small amount of) power from the (small) solar panel, or if it should be discharging the battery to power the LED array -- so it's basically a simple voltage controlled switch. what is important is that the panel on the battery is scaled to be able to use 6 hours of power produced by the small panel to fully charge the battery on a bright and sunny day, and the LED array is scaled to use the charge on the fully charged battery to run about 4-6 hours into the night (not all night long). In the cheap solar garden lights, there is no circuit to prevent the lights from discharging the battery too low -- to the point of polarity reversal -- so you will find that the plastic that covers the solar panel seems to have a lifetime about that of the battery under those conditions. (the plastic turns from clear to hazy yellow when exposed to the sun's UV over time, resulting in the battery getting undercharged and ultimately failing.) and that's what makes them cheap. smart engineers know to take apart the lamps that no longer work and harvest the parts. only the yellow plastic covering the cheap solar panel and the battery (usually NiCd) needs to be replaced -- the rest of the components still work fine. but what this means is that you can not really attach additional loads to the solar light in the way you described. all that will happen is that the small battery will be run down very quickly. given the load you specified, a single light should last less than 2 minutes. no matter how you configure it, your load attached solar light will go from lasting 4-6 hours to lasting under 45 minutes at best. systems like you are describing start at about $1k capital outlay. You are looking at a single 220W panel ($250), a real charge controller ($250), and a bank of at least 2 deep-cycle batteries ($200). That should provide enough power to run your LEDs all night with enough left over to withstand a day or two of cloudy days. (you will have to disconnect the load if you tend to have weeks of sunless days.) even if you put the lights on a timer ($10) to save electricity, the timer will draw current from the batteries. also, the timer does not know if it's cloudy or not, so you will either have to manually switch on/off the lights, or build a circuit to do it ($50-$100 depending.) all said and done, the end-to-end system will probably start costing at about $1k in parts. that does not include the labor for installation and other associated fees (where are you going to mount the panel? how will you secure it against high winds? will you need a building permit/variance? does local laws require the installation be done by a licensed professional?) your cheapest solution is to just buy tons of those prefab solar lights when you can find them for under $1 apiece, then treat them as disposable. but of course, being a clever engineer, you do not throw them away, you just take them apart, replace the parts that need replacing and redeploy, or repurpose those parts towards building your secret solar powered Iron Man suit -- that uses electric roller blades for propulsion rather than repulsor technology to fly. XD

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