The Benefits of Using the Right Solar Street Light with Inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery

In modern street lights, lithium-ion batteries are built into the LED, and the position of the entire light is much higher than the light pole, making it impossible for thieves to steal it easily. Compared with lead-gel batteries used in lithium-ion energy storage systems and solar street lights, the weight and capacity are about one-third that of lithium batteries. Compared with the lithium energy storage system and lead glue battery used in the same wattage integrated solar street lamp, the weight is about one-third and the volume is about one-third.

The Benefits of Using the Right Solar Street Light with Inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery 1

The aluminum body of the battery-powered solar light is cooled by natural convection, which ensures a long product life. The integrated solar street light consists of a solar panel and LED lighting fixtures with an integrated lithium ion / lithium phosphate battery (LiFePO4) and a solar driver card with a charge controller. This kind of street lighting basically integrates a lithium battery and a solar battery in an LED street light housing, but a separate solar panel on the outside.

Traditional street lights mainly use lead acid batteries, while universal solar street lights use lithium iron phosphate batteries, which solves the problem of the short lifespan of the lights. Solar LED street lights generally use 3.7V battery systems.The deep cycle time is about 800-1000 times, the lifespan is similar to the gel battery, the working temperature is -30 to 55 degrees Celsius, the low temperature resistance is very good, very suitable for use in areas with low temperatures.

The unrivaled quality and high efficiency of sunlight makes it the best choice for outdoor use. You can install versatile and integrated solar street lights almost anywhere and everywhere, such as street corners, road edges, highways, driveways, parking lots, gardens, patios, courtyards, walkways, playgrounds, parks, and even remote areas. as this area receives enough direct sunlight. That's because these lights come with built-in lithium-ion batteries, built-in solar panel, night and motion sensors, battery management and automatic control.

Thereafter, the light intensity is reduced until dawn or until the PIR sensor is activated by human movement. When people are within a certain radius of the light, it will automatically turn on at maximum brightness. When dawn comes, the LEDs will automatically turn off as the solar panel's voltage tends to rise to 5V at this time, and it can already detect a small amount of sunlight in the morning. When receiving sunlight, the solar panel of a solar street light generates electricity (a flashing green LED indicates the battery is being charged during the day).

The Benefits of Using the Right Solar Street Light with Inbuilt Lithium Ion Battery 2

An integrated solar panel converts solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in a built-in battery and used for lighting from dusk to dawn. For built-in solar street lights, the solar panel, LED lamp, battery, smart sensor and controller are all in one box, which is very easy to install. For universal solar street lights, customers just need to send all built-in solar lamp to factory for service, which is very simple and convenient.

The use of solar energy together with energy efficient lamps makes solar-powered lighting systems the ideal choice for green lighting. The device can be used in a variety of home and commercial applications, including roads, parks, highways, beaches, and airports, to operate from dusk to dawn. In countries with a lot of sunlight, solar lanterns are the best option for illuminating streets, gardens, parks and other public places. These days, outdoor solar lighting solutions are powered by built-in battery, photovoltaic panels, smart sensors, LED lights all combined into one compact unit.

In addition, with the use of solar panels, consumers can still get the same brightness at night while consuming less energy. Appropriate amount of sunlight means that the system has enough solar energy, battery capacity, and LED device efficiency to operate at the required light level every night for several years, while providing long-term backup power in unpredictable weather conditions without the need to add Unnecessary solar panels. Or battery. When the manufacturer carefully designs the system, commits to efficient energy management, and calculates with sufficient solar panel power and battery capacity, this sunlight will work reliably for many years. For more information about battery sizes, please refer to our article on backup power for solar lighting.

The most advanced solar LED equipment sold by Tapetum uses the latest technology and is durable. The Tapetum team will help you choose the best solar lighting according to customer needs, and the high-quality solar products provided by Tapetum will receive continuous technical support. Solar street lights mean that there is no need to dig trenches for cables or make network connections. LiFePO4 battery packs are widely used in solar street lights, and their life span (more than 5 years) is longer than that of lead-acid batteries (less than 3 years, or even less than 1 year). Even if they are exposed to the natural environment, you do not need to worry because silicon solar panels are weather resistant.

Due to low power and strict price requirements, 3.2V battery packs are usually used. In remote areas of India where continuous power is required, fast charging and multiple backup batteries are very useful. It rains a lot in parts of India. Lithium-ion batteries help to charge longer and keep the LEDs on for several non-sunny days. 5. Lithium batteries are more environmentally adaptable and have a wide range of operating temperatures. They can be used in -20-60 environments. After technical treatment, they can also be used in -45 environments. This also provides conditions for the use of lithium batteries. Promote solar street lights in cold areas.

Lithium battery life is more than 2500 times, lead-acid battery life is 800 times; the specific energy of lithium battery is about 150 Wh/kg, the specific energy of lead-acid battery is about 40 Wh/kg; the charging time of lithium battery can be fully charged within 4 hours, Generally, lead-acid batteries can be fully charged in about 6 hours; solar street lights using lithium batteries are easy to install. Lithium-ion solar street lights must remove the battery from the battery pole or panel during maintenance, while traditional solar street lights must take out the underground battery, which is more problematic than lithium-ion solar street lights. In the case of lithium iron phosphate batteries, these losses are significantly reduced due to the proximity of the battery to the LED lights and solar panels.

Battery powered solar light can also be used to retrofit outgoing solar lights if the solar lamp is not working or the battery has been stolen / discharged. Batteries store the electricity generated by the solar panel during the day and provide power to the unit at night. Battery life is very important to the life of a flashlight, and battery capacity affects the number of days a flashlight can run on its own. By combining the various advantages and disadvantages of the various batteries mentioned above.

Deelat solar industrial universal street light, fully automatic, with built-in sensors, replaceable lithium-ion battery, weatherproof, water resistant, with low insect attraction, reduced glare and longer lifespan. With an elegant design and built into an aluminum alloy housing, this solar powered LED light is equipped with a 7W solar panel and 24 LEDs, which provide 1000 lumens of brightness equivalent to a conventional 100W lamp.

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