To All Jehovah Witnesses Who Say Your the 144,000?

I am not JW. Good point. Both the 144,000 are two different groups of people in these two chapters. The rapturists/dispensationalist also got it wrong to think that it was all the same group of people. Try learning eschatology from amill point of view; flood light will come in. .

To All Jehovah Witnesses Who Say Your the 144,000? 1

1. Night Light Bulb at Best Price in India

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To All Jehovah Witnesses Who Say Your the 144,000? 2

3. How to install a flood light?

first you need a level sensor mounted near the ground to trip the light when the water gets high. mount it lower than flood stage so you have time to get out. it should be water proof so it doesnt short out.

4. Are there people who believe that before the flood light passing through raindrops did not make a rainbow?

Light refraction is too complicated for christians

5. The neighbour behind me has a flood light?

What you ought to do is call the shrink and have your fool head examined. you are complaining that the flood light is facing his door and he doesnt use it at night. having a neighbor like you is why a 15 foot fence goes up all around my place with mean dogs on the run on my side.

6. Wiring Flood Light??

Good idea to get an electrician. If not financially feasible, it sounds like there is another light or outlet operated by the switch. All the whites should be tied together and the the blacks. Check your switch for the light and see that the black wires are both on the switch and the whites are tied together bypassing the switch. If not then get help as it was wired wrong. Just remember that electricity runs in a loop. White runs the power back to your panel while black carries the load away from it. If you do not know where the extra wire goes to then check for power and cap it anyway to be safe and just use the switch wire for the light

7. Can I use a 50W 120V replacement halogen flood light bulb for a 35W 120V fixture?

Probably not....Different transformers

8. Just got an electric shock of off a Flood light 120watt, and it pulsated through my arm what should i do?

Relax. The fact you were able to post something on Y!A means you are okay, just a little shaken up

9. How to post mount flood light security lights

Make a bracket to hold a plate which then supports a junction box as necessary.So, a hoop or u-bolt either into a support or direct into the plate as per: Or a clamp around the pole such as:

10. Can you call the cops on a neighbor who has a flood light that shines directly at your house and not tilted?

next time you notice the builder, basically run over there and enable him understand! If he can no longer alter them so as that they do no longer issue you, possibly a decrease wattage might help. when I positioned my floodlights in, i attempt to alter them so as that they wo not issue the associates, yet from time to time you do no longer understand until they communicate up and inform you!

11. How to wire an SPST Momentary switch to a Flood Light?

i assume the bulbs fixture would be on the ceiling someplace. The wiring is needless to say Black cord to black cord and white cord to white and bare cord to floor. on the change, you are wiring the black cord coming from the ceiling on one area of the change and the different black cord on the different area of the change. feels like an person-friendly operation. once you get removed from the ceiling, and bypass to the wall change you should close the flexibility off on the breaker or you will get nipped basically somewhat and it will possibly no longer sense solid. cope with all wires like they are warm, consistently carry directly to basically the insulation and shop your arms removed from bare wires. merely like a loaded gun, you will get bit it slow.

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