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LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 1
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 2
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 3
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 4
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 5
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 6
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 7
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 8

LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights

Vida de chip de LED:
Vida da bateria:
10 years
Vida do painel solar:
25 years
Tempo de trabalho:
More than 12 hours
Tempo de carregamento:
6-8 hours
Prazo de entrega:
10-15 Days
Porta inicial:
Guangzhou Port/ Zhongshan Port/ Shenzhen Port
Textura do material
18650 ternary lithium battery, 3.7v/4000mah
Número do produto
Tempo de carregamento
6-8 hours
Tempo de trabalho
More than 12 hours
Painéis solares
Polysilicon 5.5v/2.7w, 450mA
Haste de fio
The total length is 8280mm, the lamp distance is 580mm, and the lead wire is 1900mm
Grau à prova d'água
Smart control of mobile app: 1. Support 4 default scenarios and DIY scenario selection 2. Power management and low power reminder function 3. Light on adjustment 4. Turn the lights on / off regularly 5. Support lighting and music rhythm
Temperatura de cor
Red light wavelength: 620-625, green light wavelength: 520-525, blue light wavelength: 460-465
Fonte de luz
12pcs tungsten like LED

Company Advantages

· The design of LumusSolem best solar lights for yard is made with an inspiration board. Different inspirational images, words, and objects (fabric, color, textures, trims, etc.) are organized as a reference to make a sought-after design for this product.

· The reflectivity of this product is satisfying. The screen's multiple layers of diffusion material negate the washout effects of ambient light for sharp image clarity.

· The loyalty of our staff keeps this product strong business competition.

Product advantages
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 9
We use die-casting aluminum, mechanical strength, thickness thickening -- wind resistance and compression resistance (not easy to deform); The reason for most of the light weight and low cost is ultra-thin aluminum plastic; PC material anti UV PC material anti yellowing
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 10
Crystalline silicon panel (solar panel):
Grade a monocrystalline silicon plate (the highest technology and quality); The bus bar on the crystal silicon board (material: pure copper tinning, low resistance, fast charging speed); Almost full area maximization - fast charging, high brightness and long service life
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 11
Battery :
Brand new (3.7V 18650 ternary lithium battery) - 5-year warranty; High and low temperature resistance -- high temperature 45 degrees, low temperature - 50 degrees below zero; The battery has a protection chip - to prevent overcharge and overdischarge - to protect the battery from damage; Light source - internal chip has quality (independent research and development chip); Lamp beads - packaging technology - Silicone permeability sealing density (thermal expansion and cold contraction) temperature resistance (85 ~ 110 degrees)


LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 12
Control board (main board system):
Stability and anti-interference (not easily interfered by other signals); Memory function, music rhythm, etc
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 13
Assembly method - do moisture-proof treatment (motherboard) - stable performance; Environment friendly glue fixation - no odor and weather resistance (not affected by weather, such as cracking and yellowing)
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 14
Lamp switch:
Press 200000 times (About 50000-100000 times in other industries) independent advanced customization; Switch material (internal) is pure copper, the market is iron


LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 15
The battery adopts plug-in design:
Easy to replace (the battery in the market needs to be cut - there are potential safety hazards, so it can't be replaced simply and conveniently)
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 16
All stainless steel (never rusty, mostly iron)
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 17
Internal reflection design of lamps:
Up and down - the light source refracts inside, making it more transparent


LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 18
Material aluminum -- increase strength, increase wind resistance (others use plastic, save cost, what's the consequence)
LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 19
Base connector:
The connecting pipe is thick with a thickness of 2.5 mm


Mobile APP smart bluetooth control

LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 20


LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 21


LumusSolem Outdoor String Lights 22


Support 4 kinds of default scenes and DIY scene selection.
Power management, low power reminder function.
1%-100% lighting adjustment.
Turn on/off the lights regularly.
Support light and music rhythm.
160,000 kinds of color adjustment.
Support Amazam Alexa and Google smart speaker voice adjustment (need to configure the gateway and have WIFI environment).
Support single light and group control.

Company Features

· Xingshen Technology Co., Ltd has a rich experience in supplying some of the most prestigious solar powered lights factories projects.

· Our solar powered lights factories is independently developed and reach the world's advanced level.

· Our company runs under the core value of employee-orientation. The basic prerequisite for the healthy growth of our company is the employee's motivation and creativity. We will create a pleasant and attractive working environment and platform for them to give full play.

Product Details

Compared with ordinary products, our outdoor string lights has the specific differences as follows.

Application of the Product

LumusSolem's outdoor string lights is widely applicable in the industry.

LumusSolem has an excellent team consisting of R&D, production, operation and management. According to actual needs of different customers, we could provide customers with practical solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with other products in the same category, outdoor string lights has more advantages, specifically in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

LumusSolem has professional development teams, which provides a strong guarantee for a wide range of products.

With a comprehensive service system, LumusSolem can provide quality products and services as well as meet customers' needs.

Under the enterprise spirit of 'united, hard-working, truth-seeking and innovative', LumusSolem constantly gained self-breakthrough during development and achieved the goal to be the forerunner in the industry.

LumusSolem, founded in has established a relatively scientific and effective food safety management system with the joint efforts of our employees.

Our products are mainly sold to Europe, Africa, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

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