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Brand Story
Today I want to tell you that although the vast solar lighting industry is full of competition and greed, but LumusSolem solar light brand has been striving to lead the battle in the battlefield.
I Have A Dream

Ladies and gentlemen:

Today I want to tell you, why do we insist on doing this for 15 years?

I have a dream, which is deeply rooted in my mind, bone marrow and soul!

One day when LumusSolem solar light brand will be mentioned by people, they will comment that "LumusSolem is a best solar light company, engaged in a bright business. It has brought me beautiful and beautiful memories in life, and it has helped me retain the course of my life’s growth. I spend every spring, summer, autumn and winter". The pursuit of this dream carries the true value of my life!

I have a dream!

It is a dream that one day, no businessman will only operate for the pursuit of monetary benefits. He will also operate with an entrepreneurial heart, to pursue the truth, to explore the true meaning of life, and to make more people happy!

I have a dream!

Dream that one day, life often has sorrows and joys. Through our efforts, we can help more people to retain every moment of happiness with each dearest and loved one. Let this beauty accompany us every day and give us a vigilance. Give us the power to move forward, add color to our lives!

I have a dream!

Dreams One day, in the fierce business competition, I will still be full of enthusiasm for chasing dreams, maintain my piety to dreams, and never fall into depression, slackness, and mediocrity! We are still cultivating in the intelligent solar lighting industry, and always take "happy life and passing happiness" as our mission to create lasting value for customers!

I have a dream!
Dream that one day, the world will enter the era of environmental protection and energy saving, purifying our same home, the earth! Let our children and grandchildren still live in a better world, chase their dreams, and work hard to create a better future for mankind!

I have a dream!
I dream that one day, all LumusSolem solar lights can be controlled intelligently and individually, which is simple and convenient. At the same time,solar  lights are no longer just tools to illuminate people, they can bring more happiness and touch to mankind!

I have a dream!
I dream that one day people will walk out of darkness and stay away from light pollution because of solar energy products and light culture knowledge. The light environment will become healthier and more harmonious! This is my expectation for LumusSolem! With this expectation, we can eliminate the impetuousness of the industry and create a happy and harmonious atmosphere. With this expectation, we can discuss together, work hard, fight together, and fight for this noble cause! LumusSolem solar light brand is convinced that one day, LumusSolem solar lighting products will become the benchmark of the lighting industry and benefit future generations! Even if our body will die, our soul, spirit and our creations will be immortal! The spark of life is therefore more beautiful! This is the blooming of our lives! The flower of life will bloom!
I Have A Dream
Dreams one day, when our dreams come true, I can still contribute to society.
I still support poor children to receive a good education, support and encourage them to study hard, and encourage them to make their contributions to the future destiny of mankind. ! I will continue to maintain that every sales volume will be donated a fixed proportion to poor children. The agreement is here and I hope that many people will supervise it!
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I Have A Dream

To begin with
I love you
With a depth and passion that
I have felt for no one else in this life
and if it astonishes you
it astonishes me as well
Not I hasten to say
because you are not worth loving
You make me want to be a better man.

Heroes should have their own ambitions and dreams and pursue them faithfully and firmly. People who have no faith and no pursuit are pale, small, and poor. We are not in pain. We are heroes. We are the guardians of Star God Technology. LumusSolem is a battleship in the business world. If we are brave soldiers, then Star God Technology is an aircraft carrier that rides the wind and waves!

LumusSolem believe that we will be one of the best outdoor ligthing brands. We believe that we are the true guardians of LumusSolem solar light brand. We will upgrade ourselves on this aircraft carrier, fight together, move forward side by side, and realize our common ideal-technology intelligence brings more value to users.
LumusSolem Declaration

Welcome to the hero's paradise-Xingshen Technology Co., Ltd. We are here to achieve our heroic era. At the same time, we also congratulate LumusSolem solar light brand for having these heroes. We are guardians, comrades-in-arms, and like-minded heroes of the era. They pursue self-improvement and progress!

The value pursued by LumusSolem solar light brand is: integrity, kindness, and responsibility. This is the foundation of our lives. People who do not have integrity and integrity are like lonely ghosts; people who do not have kindness and responsibility are still unable to set a correct role model for society. This is the foundation of our life, and our mission to customers: to enjoy life and deliver happiness.

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