30 Watt Outdoor Flood Light Fixture for Shopping Malls

The LFL series outdoor fixture is an ideal choice for replacement of common HPS and Metal Halide Area lighting fixtures. Common applications include Parks, shopping malls, outlets, plazas, city halls and historic areas.FeaturesMiniature Adjustable LED Flood/Area LightTempered Flat Clear Glass Lens with aluminum reflectorDie Cast Aluminum Housing & Hinged Top Frame, Textured Architectural Bronze Powder coat Finish over a Chromatic Conversion Coating50,000 hours long lifetimeInstant start and re-strike5000k Co lour Temperature (other color temperatures available upon request)WARRANTY: Guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects.

SHIPPING LEAD TIME: 1 to 2 weeksCall Us 855.453.2852Click here to More Details: www.inductionlightingfixtures.com


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30 Watt Outdoor Flood Light Fixture for Shopping Malls 1

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