Can I Buy a Flood Light Which Runs on a Car Battery?

You can get 750 to 1KW generators that are not that big or noisy. Of course you wil have to take fuel with you

Can I Buy a Flood Light Which Runs on a Car Battery? 1

1. Flood Light - Motion Detector stopped working after power outage.?

Power Outage Sensor

2. Is it OK to wrap plastic around the base of a Flood Light outdoors to keep water out?

NO NO NO! What you propose defies their utility. You must trust the engineering that they came with. What will extend thier life is purpousful attention to the type of wire nuts ,and what they contain, for long lay times underground. If you choose to 'wrap' these connections,as you suggest, then you are choosing to trap water into them. Water trapped is death to these connections.Copper wire will simply dissolve into blue nothingness,within these bounderies.

Can I Buy a Flood Light Which Runs on a Car Battery? 2

3. Was there rain before the flood, was there light in the beginning without the sun?

If you reread genesis, you will have your answers

4. Halogen Bulb Vs Flood Light Vs Basking Bulb?

i have a 6 year old male in a 90 gal tank, and to get his basking temps to where they needed to be i had to purchase a 250w lamp from TSC. now this does not provide the UVA that he needs, but this does bring his basking temp up to the recommended 105 deg. most pet stores sell halogen lamps up to 150w.

5. Solar Powed Shed connecting battery to flood light?

hotvw191 gave you the answer happy lighting

6. The neighbour behind me has a flood light?

buy a motion sensing light socket and ask him politely to use that on the light explaining how it is bothersome, so if he does have intruders in the yard the light will come on, but you wo not have to live with it on all the time. if he say's no, return it to the store

7. neighbor issue with flood light?

if he is really a good neighbor, you should just ask him. say "hi, i noticed that your flood lights go directly into our bedroom window. we would appreciate it if you moved them, or angled them differently".

8. How do I replace a Philips 50W indoor flood light?

Philips Indoor Flood Lights

9. How can you get an outside flood light that has broken off at the base out of the socket to put a new one in?

use a potato or apple, jam it into the broken glass, and twist off the remains of the bulb. Just like changing it normally, no need to turn off the power

10. Is your life guided by a flashlight or a flood light?

I am the beacon of reason

11. what makes flood light so powerful than a noramal light bulb?

Floodlights are anywhere from 150 to 500 watts, while indoor lights range from 25 - 100 watts. Also flood lights are designed with a reflector that throws the light in one direction, while indoor bulbs give off light in every direction.

12. How can I tell if electricity is still active in an outdoor flood light fixture?

** Important Caveat: Make sure to practice on a known live outlet until you understand how it works!! You do not want to ever put complete trust in this device particularly when its new. Assuming that you detect power have a 2nd person start flipping the breakers off until the tester stops beeping. If you do see power at the fixture then the obvious problem is a loose (or disconnected) Neutral (or white wire) which is probably in the box that the light is attached to.

13. Z-Wave Outdoor Motion Flood Light

We have put together a Z-Wave Relay Interface and a durable, outdoor Motion flood light to give you, what we think is a perfect outdoor Z-Wave motion sensor and security light. Take a look. If you would like to learn more about this product, click here

14. Flood Lights

Rain Proof Lamp holder with wide / narrow beam Reflectors are used for flood light. They are usually High wattage Incandescent Lamps, Halogen Lamps, High Pressure Mercury Vapor Lamp or Low / high Pressure Sodium Lamp. Spot lights / down lights are usually used with Screens, Reflectors, Filters, Colored envelope and Closed Lamps. Down lights are Spot lights when suspended. As already brought out the components of an Illumination system are Lamp, the Radiation Source, Luminaire that directs and controls the light flux. Control Gear is the accessory that helps in controlling the requisite amount of flux on the work plane. Now we take a look at the accessories involved. First of these is Ballast. In a discharge lamp a series impedance to limit the current is required. If the current is allowed to increase there can be explosion of the lamp. This takes the form in a.c. as Inductance-w/o undue loss of power. This is called Ballast. It should have high power factor for economic use of the supply and should generate minimum harmonics. It should offer high impedance to audio frequencies. It should suppress-Electromagnetic interference (Radio interference-TV interference). It is essentially, a reactor of a wound coil on a magnetic core often called Choke and is in series with the lamp. Typical power factor is 0.5 Lag. Power factor is improved by having a capacitor connected across input lines. Fig 1 shows the connection for a discharge lamp employing ballast formed by a reactor commonly known as choke. Fig 2 shows how the capacitor may be connected to improve the power factor. As may be seen the capacitor is placed in shunt. At times a lead circuit may result by placing a capacitor in series as shown in Fig 3. However, when a illumination system employing two lamps is used power factor may be improved by having one with a lead circuit and other with a lag circuit as shown in Fig. 4. Next important accessory is a starter that initiates the discharge in a discharge lamp. Starter is marked as 'S' in the Figs.1 to 4. Starter less circuit are shown in Fig 5. They employ pre-heated filament electrodes. The preheating obtained through a small portion of voltage tapped from the input source. When discharge lamps are used on dc the ballast takes the form of a resistor together with associated power loss. These days they take the form of electronic ballast which converts dc to high frequency ac of around 20 kHZ. Except high pressure mercury lamp where V > VS (starting) all lamps need a starting device. At times, it is integral part of a lamp. Switch start employs bimetallic strip that opens upon heating. Starterless, rapid start or instant starts are useful for outdoor applications. Other forms of starters employed are three electrode devices called igniters. Visual comfort system is most common evaluation in the USA/Canada. This is expressed as percentage of people considering an installation comfortable as viewed from one end. Glare tables list various proportions and layout of room for glare free lighting. Figure of merit is based on a source of 1000 lm.from a luminaire. If VCP 70% then the system is said to be glare free. British method employs Zone of luminaire with a classification for quality of light expressed as Glare index. Luminance limit system is adopted in Australia. Standard code for Luminaire base lamp. dep. on room dimensions, mounting height and a Empirical shielding angle Luminance limits for luminaires critical angles, are 45

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