Can I Remove My Outdoor House Light and Install a Two Bulb Flood Light in Its Place?

The two bulb flood light should fit the existing wall box and the wiring will be the same. The new one will need to be weather proof. You are correct-- white to white and black to black and ground to ground. Make sure the power is off before you touch anything

Can I Remove My Outdoor House Light and Install a Two Bulb Flood Light in Its Place? 1

1. Just got an electric shock of off a Flood light 120watt, and it pulsated through my arm what should i do?

Relax. The fact you were able to post something on Y!A means you are okay, just a little shaken up

2. The new flourescent spiral flood light bulbs are good for indoor growing?

I would agree with Alterra. Lumens are not the only consideration for growing. Check out your local lighting store

Can I Remove My Outdoor House Light and Install a Two Bulb Flood Light in Its Place? 2

3. need help with wiring a flood light?

Sure, just put a cord with a male plug on to it. Of course you will have to mount the light to something or hang it on the wall

4. Is it OK to wrap plastic around the base of a Flood Light outdoors to keep water out?

I assume these are EXTERIOR floods. if so, they are designed for most weather conditions. Do NOT bolck those holes at the base of the lights. The wiring should be in a water proof shroud, already! Those holes are to let water OUT, and to allow air to circulate so the floods do not overheat.

5. Am I allowed to have a flood light outside my condo?

If you have a Doctors note, they HOA must make reasonable accommodations in their rules, under the Fair Housing Amendments Act (FHAA). Google it. They will investigate and take action on your behalf, if necessary.

6. Will a "spoltight bulb" fit into a flood light socket?

As long as the bases of the bulbs are the same size any bulb will work

7. Can I make a grow light for indoor plant growth using a flood light and a blue transparency? Read more....?

NO, it will not work. Plants like UV light, and the special "grow" lights put out lots of UV. That light that "blew" put out lots of UV, but also lots of other light and the filter was installed to allow UV to pass through [not to make UV] and the filter cut out a lot of the other light that may have been to hot on the plants. The only way to go as the previous answer stated: Get a PROPER UV plant light.

8. What size breaker and wire do I need to run 2 GFCI receptacles and a flood light on exterior of my house?

There's no problem with anything you've suggested. You can use a 15 ampere breaker to protect 14 AWG copper conductors, without a problem. If you feel that 15 amperes is not enough for the receptacles, there is no problem installing 12 AWG wire with a 20 ampere breaker. It's completely up to you what you think is best. If the cost difference is not prohibitive, it may be worth installing #12 on a 20A breaker. Especially if you think you might plug in multiple higher load items at the same time (George Foreman and electric mower for example), or may consider adding additional receptacles in the future. There is also no problem using a junction box to provide power to different devices. As long as the box is properly installed, accessible, sized appropriately, and adequately sealed.Nothing in electrical code says that lights and receptacles cannot be on the same circuit. It's more of a guideline than a rule. The general idea is that if the vacuum trips the breaker, you do not want to be left standing in the dark. The only problem I see, is with the GFCI receptacles in your drawing. You will not need two GFCI receptacles. You will simply feed the second receptacle, from the load side of the GFCI receptacle. When wired this way, the GFCI receptacle provides protection to the downstream receptacle

9. Modifying a motion activated flood light to be dimmer and always on?

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