Halogen Bulb Vs Flood Light Vs Basking Bulb?

i have a 6 year old male in a 90 gal tank, and to get his basking temps to where they needed to be i had to purchase a 250w lamp from TSC. now this does not provide the UVA that he needs, but this does bring his basking temp up to the recommended 105 deg. most pet stores sell halogen lamps up to 150w.

Halogen Bulb Vs Flood Light Vs Basking Bulb? 1

1. Are there people who believe that before the flood light passing through raindrops did not make a rainbow?

Light refraction is too complicated for christians

2. How to install a new motion activated flood light?

Assuming you can affix the fixture to the wall, all you need to do is figure out which wires are hot, which ground. Connect hot on garage to hot on fixture. Same with ground. Use wire nuts and use electrical tape to make sure the nuts stay on the wires and any extra wire not covered by insulation does not short against something. White to white. Black to black. I assume you already have a porch light on the garage so the wires are right there already. When you bought the thing, lights and detector were already assembled together, right? If not, same deal: white to white, black to black, put them together, connect to house wiring, hang it up. Then you have to aim it and adjust it for sensitivity, duration or whatever it allows you to do.

Halogen Bulb Vs Flood Light Vs Basking Bulb? 2

3. How To Remove A Motion Sensor From Flood Light

Before knowing how to remove motion sensor from flood light, you must first know about flood lights. A floodlight is a form of light with a wide beam. You can see this type mostly in parking places, events, and outdoor playfields. You will also notice it on concerts lighting the stage. Since this gives a strong beam of light, homeowners used this to illuminate their backyards and keep intruders off the property. This type of light has a sensor that detects movement. When there is motion within a certain range, the bulb will automatically turn on, lighting the area where it is pointed. Some floodlight also has a built-in camera that also records activities when the sensor is triggered. This is an ideal fixture to use when you feel like someone keeps roaming around your yard or spying. The lights will prevent them from getting into your property. However, if you want the light to illuminate all night, you must know how to remove motion sensor from flood light.

4. Can I use a flood light?

For basking areas, always use a flood light, never a spot light

5. CFL flood light connect through extension cord?

I am sorry, but the answer from 'roni' is not only wrong, it is downright dangerous. The first problem is that extension cords are NEVER approved to be used as permanent wiring. They are intended for temporary use only. If it is less than 14 gauge (as most are), it is not even large enough for the smallest household circuit (15 amps). This means that there could be a failure and the breaker may not even trip in time to save it. The second problem is that all wiring connections must be made in approved junction boxes with appropriate covers. In case of a catastrophic failure with the connections, the J-box is designed to contain the burning wire until either the wire burns itself apart or the breaker senses a fault and interrupts the circuit. This is a very good way to meet your local firefighters and see them in action, up close and personal.

6. Neighbour behind has a flood light know he has his back light on to?

Nothing you can do,except to act like it does not bother you even if it does.Some people will do this if they know it bothers you

7. Can I remove my outdoor house light and install a two bulb flood light in its place?

The two bulb flood light should fit the existing wall box and the wiring will be the same. The new one will need to be weather proof. You are correct-- white to white and black to black and ground to ground. Make sure the power is off before you touch anything

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When choosing a security floodlight, you will want to get one that will serve you the longest. Look at factors like water resistance or dustproof. Your light and the solar panel will be outside in all weather conditions. Ask the manufacturer for Ingress Protection (IP) rating to know how resistant entrance of water and other particles the lights are.Christians, if the flood really happened, how did fresh water fish survive?Your questions assumes that there were no freshwater fish tanks on Noah's boat. There undoubtedly were fish tanks. I find your lack of faith disturbingI had a flood in my apartment and when ServPro came to clean up, they put all my wet clothes on my mattress...?I hope you took pictures of them cleaning it, because that's the proof you need to get compensated 100%, because they would not have cleaned it if they did do it. Having proof of the damage does not prove they did it and unless you argue your case well, you may not necessarily win compensation. To answer your question, if you can prove they cause the mold, you have an open and shut case.what would cause my 92 toyota mr2 to flood and foul the plugs ?usually this problem is caused by the engine running too lean(recieving to much gas)...but only if u have modified the engine within a certain time frame...if thats the case all u have to do id take it to mechanic or you can even do it yourself, but either way u are going to have to change the jet in the carbeuartuer.Dead birds/fish, 2 earthquakes, and a flood? Am I crazy for being scared?I would venture to guess you have only recently become aware of world events. Things like this happen all the time and always have. Of course, there are slow times when everything is relatively quiet for a few weeks. But things happen all around the world all the time. Right now is no different. The earth is NOT a stable placewe just bought our house, old owners said basement doesnt flood, it does. What can we do? Are they liable someugh. I had the same problem. What does it say in your original home inspection report? And did they say it did not leak in front of witnesses? Talk to your lawyer. You may indeed have a case. But a year is pushing the envelope to be sureWhy are Nitish Kumar and the Modi government not taking Bihar's flood situation seriously?Please suggest what as per you is to be done?How does a person figure out if their house or building is on a flood plain?Only way to be sure is to get a survey. in fact, your lender may require a flood elevation certificateWhat happened to everyone else's boat during the flood myth?The flood did happenChristians, why did all the animals (except 2) have to die during the great flood?Only two animals of each species is needed to reproduce. The ark was already huge so it would had been hard for Noah to build an even bigger oneDid tiny droplets of water in the atmosphere NOT refract light BEFORE Noah and the flood?Do not forget, things like aging, disease, carnivores, etc are blamed on the "Fall of Man", as if those things could be non-existent on Earth. ... so why not add refraction of light to the list of things that miraculously changed.Some people think the earth is 6000 years old because they say 1 day was 1000 years, but what about the flood?Christians do not believe that the world is 6,000 years old, they do not claim to know how old the earth isIt is raining so much & the flood waters are on there way , should I build an ark ?Yeah good luck anyway, Rivers are not going to peak for two more days. Unbelievable. Peaking at over 21 metersTree on TV that are 4000 years old, it has only been 4416 since the flood, can this be true about trees?Some bristlecone pines are older than 5000 years. These dates are taken from counting tree rings. (one ring per year). Coring a living pine can give a narrow diameter core through the tree trunk that does not harm the tree. Also some dead brislte cone pine tree have more than 5000 tree rings. The trees are found in the American southwest living in very harsh climates and areas and growing very slowly. The dates have been confirmed by the less accurate carbon 14- mass specrometer method. Incdentally Bishop Usher calculated that the Wotld was 5050 years old, using the bible as his source material. (in the 1860's). They are much longer lived than California sequoias (redwoods). Dan.
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