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Collection of customer service skill question bank

2021-05-27 18:35:03

1. What is the material of the lamp?

The lamp body is made of die-casting aluminum. As we all know, aluminum has the advantages of light weight, long service life, anti rust and anti-corrosion. Even if the weather is humid, it will not rust. Generally, it will not be corroded for more than ten years. The most important thing is that die-casting aluminum can increase the wind resistance and will not deform in the long term


2. How many watts?

The lighting intensity is very sufficient, which can be lit for about 30-50 m2. The product details are introduced as the actual lighting effect. It is suggested that 39-43 inch is the interval distance between a lamp and the best lighting effect


3. How about after sales? How long is the warranty?

All our products are guaranteed for 3 years. In case of abnormal failure or damage, you can send them back for free replacement (in case of non-human damage)


4. Is it waterproof? How about waterproof performance?

The protection level of this lamp reaches IP55. Generally, the lamp will not be damaged by heavy rain! All products are treated with precise waterproof measures. Please use them boldly. If there is any problem, we promise a 3-year warranty.


5. Can a rainy day be bright?

When the lamp is fully charged, it can last 16-24 hours, so it can be on in rainy days even if the power is accumulated for one or two days; Our solar panels use high-grade a standard monocrystalline silicon solar panels. The batteries are all brand-new. Please enjoy your life.


6. Will it fade?

We are a professional manufacturer of outdoor lamps and lanterns. Our products are processed by high temperature paint baking, anodizing and other processes. Generally, if there is no strong acid rain, it will not fade easily!


7. What to do if there is damage in transportation?

Our lamps and lanterns can only leave the factory after passing the vibration transportation test and reaching the standard, and we will provide professional third-party test reports for each batch of products. The packaging is all made of shockproof foam + rigid carton, unless it is man-made damage or excessive transportation damage. Non human destruction, we promise to replace new products, and bear all logistics costs.


8. If there is a typhoon, will it blow away?

Usually, it is windy and heavy rain, so it is no problem to fix it properly. For example, we can't guarantee a super typhoon (destructive bad weather)


9. What's the brightness of the lamp? Will it be very dark? Is it dazzling?

This brightness can be adjusted through the mobile app. We provide many colors for consumers to adjust with their immediate mood. This is the charm of intelligence.


10. Are your screws made of stainless steel? Will it rust in the rain?

The exposed screws of lamps and lanterns are all stainless steel screws, which will never rust. Please rest assured to use them. We aim to manufacture high quality products.


11. Can light store electricity?

Solar lamp is light control induction, which needs to store electricity in the sun. If it's cloudy or rainy, the ultraviolet light is not strong, the amount of electricity stored will be less than that in sunny conditions, and the lighting effect will be relatively long. We aim to upgrade the conversion rate of solar panels and the quality of batteries. Under this premise, in sunny conditions, it can be fully charged in 3.5-5 hours, In rainy days, the ultraviolet light is relatively weak, and the conversion rate in one day can last 8 hours. Please do not install under the big tree when installing, which will affect the conversion rate of solar panels, so that the sun can be positive radiation for the best installation position.


12. Not usually. Shall I turn off the switch?

We all use mobile app intelligent control and memory function. We can set the on / off time in the app and the light will turn on / off automatically. After the installation, we only need to turn on the switch. We have upgraded the light control induction system, which can automatically turn off the lights in the daytime to store electricity in the sun, and turn on the lights automatically in the dark at night.


13. Is it better to turn off the light or turn on the switch?

This kind of solar lamp can store electricity in the sun by turning on or off the switch. It is suggested that turning on the switch to store electricity in the sun will better store electricity, so as to automatically light up the lamp in the dark. If the switch is turned off to store electricity in the sun, it is necessary to turn on the main switch in the dark at night, which will be relatively troublesome.

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