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LumusSolem looks forward to creating a beautiful for you,
Add luster to your life and boost your emotions.
" I have always been with you."

What is companionship, maybe you can understand that I am such a person,

and you are willing to stand by my side.

When two people are together, the most thing they can do is company.
I am busy with mine, you are busy with you,
and there is another person sitting there,
it feels very at ease.
Accompany Parents
You grow up with me, I grow old with you.
What is home?
Home is the home of the soul, Home is the paradise of dreams,
Home is the harbor where you stay.

When your fragile heart is hurt,
Home is a good medicine to heal wounds;

When you are at the bottom of your life,
Home is the source of regaining strength;

When you experience wind, frost and rain alone outside,
Home is your warm haven.

Accompanying Spouse

The call of heart and heart cannot be separated from deep love;

Heart-to-heart communication is inseparable from permanent thoughts.

No matter how big the house is,
No matter how big the bed is,
Without the company of someone in love, it's just a cold substance.

And if there is a lover by your side,
Even if the house is small and the bed is small, it doesn't matter.

Because these substances have the temperature of love,
they become the elements of home.
Accompany Friends

Walking with you, recalling the common ideals we once had;

Saying goodbye to you, looking forward to the carnival when we meet again.

On the journey of life,
Someone keeps coming,
Someone keeps leaving,
When the new name becomes the old name,
When the old name gradually blurred, It is the end of a story and the beginning of a story again.

In constant encounters and misses,
Understand that the people around you can only accompany you for a near or far distance,
But not with one's own life;

What accompanies you throughout your life is your own name and the touch brought by those clear or vague names.

What is companionship
Maybe you can understand that I am such a person
And you are willing to stand by my side.

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