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The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games

SOLAR Street Lights Project For


Solar Panel Street Light Project Overview

Starting in September 2020 and ending in November 2021.
Customized production and solar street light installation in 5 batches.

Located in northwestern Beijing, Yanqing District is 74 kilometres from the city centre and occupies a total surface area of 1,993.75 square kilometres. It has a permanent population of 317,000.

It is the ecological and resource development area of the capital, and is known as the summer city of Beijing for its cool weather.

With its abundant snow and ice resources, Yanqing is fully committed to becoming a "City of Ice and Snow".

As one of the three major competition zones of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, Yanqing welcomes a major historical development opportunity.

In Yanqing Zone, there are a total of five competition and non-competition venues, where three sports (alpine skiing, bobsleigh, and luge), and 20 events out of four disciplines (alpine skiing, bobsleigh, skeleton, and luge) will be hosted.

Design Concept 1

The design concept of the Yanqing Zone is:
"mountain forest venues and ecological Winter Olympics".

The construction of solar street light for the Yanqing Zone will drive the construction of traffic and municipal infrastructure in the surrounding area.

While satisfying the lighting requirements, the solar street light pole is designed as a comprehensive utilization solar  light pole in urban construction to realize functions such as automatic solar light control and failure alarm, and connect with other public safety facilities or other commercial promotion systems.

National Bobsleigh and Luge Center Night View Effect Picture

Design Concept 2

Highly consistent with cultural attributes

Extract Yanqing's "City of Ice and Snow", Winter Olympics, skiing and other "cultural" factors to create distinctive lights and light types.

Systematic design thinking

Unify the solar street lights and the "mountain forest venues, ecological winter Olympics" style of Yanqing Zone to create a scenic brand.

design and construction of solar street light

Design Scheme 1

Design Explanation:

The whole lamp is inspired by the shape of the ski track, and the cantilevered lamp arm is elegant.

The main color of the whole lamp is white, which symbolizes pure ice and snow, and the bottom and the underside of the arms are Chinese red, with Chinese classical paper cutting structure, reflecting Chinese traditional culture.

 Add the Winter Olympics logo.

Design Scheme 2

Design Explanation:

With the theme of simplicity, the whole solar light is white.

The base is equipped with auspicious cloud patterns, reflecting the unity of peace and harmony.

Design Scheme 3

Design Explanation:

The whole lamp is inspired by skis, and the shape is extremely simple.
The red Chinese paper cutting structure is especially eye-catching in the snow in winter.

Add the Winter Olympics logo.

Design Scheme 4

Design Explanation:

The snowboard shape is integrated into the lamp arm design. The street lamp is white all over, supplemented by ambient lighting to reach a simple design.

The hollow five-ring shape reflects the Olympic Games.

Design Scheme 5

Design Explanation:

The elegant design is inspired by the bend-circle shape of the Yanqing Zone.

The white body of the lamp echoes the world of ice and snow.

Add the Winter Olympics logo.

Intelligent Street Lamp

Intelligent Control System

Purpose of Intelligent Solar Street Light

The intelligent solar smart street light pole system uses solar light poles as the carrier to integrate solar lighting control, video monitoring, voice broadcast, public WIFI, help alarm, environmental monitoring, green charging, information release, advertising interaction, parking space monitoring, manhole cover monitoring and other functions into one, to achieve the effect of "multiple poles in one, one pole for multiple uses".

After the promotion and application, intelligent smart solar lighting poles will cooperate with the construction of its venues and integrate with the environment, to reduce the amount of engineering and save investment.

Smart Solar Street light poles are huge in number, tightly distributed, and stable in power supply, making them the best sensing unit and sensing carrier for intelligent city construction. They contribute to the construction of intelligent cities.

Design Principle of Intelligent Smart solar Street Light

While satisfying the solar lighting requirements, the solar street light pole is designed as a comprehensive utilization solar light pole in urban construction.


As a public facility, solar street light poles serve all citizens. Therefore, all resources should be opened up as much as possible to improve the efficiency of public services.


The integrated street lamp runs outdoors for a long time in the bad working environment. The overall safety and reliability must be fully considered, and the system must be able to operate safely and stably for a long time. Meanwhile, the system should be able to continue to operate stably when individual equipment fails, without affecting on-time turn-on and turn-off of solar lighting facilities.


The implementation of intelligent solar street lights will continuously improve the informatization management level of the solar  lighting system, and at the same time improve the informatization level of the solar  light pole itself. Solar lighting fixtures and equipment attached to the solar light poles must implement remote monitoring and remote control.


The original intention of intelligent solar street lights is to require the solar light poles to perform other public service functions while completing basic solar lighting functions to reduce public expenditures for road facilities. Therefore, the economy must be considered during street solar light project implementation to minimize investment in public expenditures.

Intelligent Smart Control System

 The use of public electricity equipment of the controlled object can be monitored through the intelligent control system, and big data can also be used to achieve save solar energy and improve the utilization rate of electricity resources.
 The system can realize real-time monitoring of every street lamp in the venue, greatly improving the management level and saving manpower and material resources. Under the premise of meeting the smart solar lighting function of the zone, reasonable and scientific control strategies are adopted to tap the solar energy-saving potential.

The external network control is achieved through any Internet devices such as mobile phones and computers.

The control system will provide scientific and technological means for the intelligent, solar energy-saving, convenient and safe power management in intelligent cities, thereby accelerating the development of the city, saving solar energy and reducing emissions while improving the living environment of the public and making this project a demonstrative intelligent venue.

Control Mode

The smart solar lighting control mode should reflect solar energy saving, advancement, flexibility, safety and stability, which can be divided into two types:

Important festival mode: It is suitable for the nights of important festivals and events. In addition to turning on all the solar lighting facilities, the corresponding festive solar lighting and projection lighting should also be added to create a festive atmosphere.

Smart solar energy saving mode: outdoor solar lighting for daily use.

Control Explanation

The overall goal of the nightscape lighting management and control system is to achieve hierarchical automated management of the nightscape lighting of the Winter Olympics venue.

3.1 The function of centralized remote control of nightscape lighting;

3.2 The function of display and centralized processing of reported events;
3.3. Electronic expert consultation and decision-making function;
3.4. Lighting data query function;
3.5. Centralized monitoring function of lighting integrity rate;
3.6. Failure diagnosis and prediction function;
3.7. Data storage and multimedia presentation functions.

Through the comprehensive application of the above functions, the one-stop information management of the lighting system and the user-friendly partition and hierarchical comprehensive management can be realized.

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